Multi-Talented Artist HYLYND Is Making Waves in the Music Industry

Most aspiring artists in the music scene are expected to have a specific area of expertise, whether it is playing an instrument, singing, or producing. However, one artist is breaking barriers for being a one-man music production, HYLYND.

He is known for his considerable skills as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer and is currently based in The Woodlands, Texas. Aside from being a multi-faceted music machine, HYLYND also has very powerful vocals and a unique sound that combines the nostalgic spirit of the 90s with a collection of futuristic ideas, all combined in a pop/r&b vibe in the sonic likes of Tory Lanez and Chris Brown. This fusion is what makes him a timeless artist that fills a gap in the highly saturated pop market.

When asked what inspired him to develop a distinct sound and approach to his music, he insightfully shared, “Millennials grew up between two worlds: pre-internet and present. Our world shifted dramatically and suddenly. This made our scopes widen, our ideas challenged and ultimately caused us to grow. Our capacity is large. We think and act quickly but have old & present souls. My music is made for these people.”

The incredible singer works with Grammy-nominated and Hall of Fame vocal coach Jan Smith who has taught the likes of Usher and Justin Bieber. The expert coach has nothing but praise for the artist and called him “a ridiculous talent and vocal athlete.”

On top of earning recognition from industry professionals, the artist has also captured the attention of music lovers worldwide. His breakout EP, Born In The Night, which includes “Hands”, has over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone and his follow up singles “Fool” and “2x & ½ With You” have all received excellent feedback from fans and audiences alike with more than 50,000 monthly listeners on streaming services.

HYLYND is continuing this momentum with a newly released gut-wrenching single, “Crossfire”, where you can hear the artist processing life’s “hell or high water” moments and coming out the other side with an anthem declaring that you can find him in the crossfire. In addition to his recently released singles, he is collaborating and co-producing new music with the industry authority and Grammy-nominated King Michael Coy. Fans and music enthusiasts alike should keep an eye out for this gifted artist as he rises in the music industry. Visit or stream his music anywhere digital music is sold.


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