Mike Raines, CEO of Special Risk Term: Pioneering High-Risk Life Insurance Solutions

Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/close-up-of-couple-closing-a-deal-with-their-financial-advisor-and-signing-paperwork-during-the-meeting-CNuychs2KBk
Image commercially licensed from: https://unsplash.com/photos/close-up-of-couple-closing-a-deal-with-their-financial-advisor-and-signing-paperwork-during-the-meeting-CNuychs2KBk

In the bustling and intricate tapestry of the insurance industry, there are those who blend in, and then there are those who stand out. Mike Raines, the CEO and founder of Special Risk Term, unequivocally belongs to the latter. As a figurehead in the world of high-risk life insurance, his story is a remarkable testament to the life-changing power of insurance and the importance of industry knowledge.

Mike’s journey into the world of insurance began fresh out of college, working for a brokerage wholesale life insurance agency. But this wasn’t just any agency; it was the oldest in the nation, known for its specialization in providing affordable life insurance to those considered high risk. This includes individuals with pre-existing medical conditions and those involved in hazardous hobbies or occupations.

Over the years, Raines has delved deep into the complexities of the life insurance industry, particularly into the intricate relationship with underwriters. This has enabled him to glean invaluable insights into their needs and requirements, from the nuances of medical history to the specifics of additional tests.

Perhaps the most pivotal experience that shaped Mike’s passion for life insurance transpired about three decades ago. The son of a local car dealer walked into the office. Only a year earlier, his father had secured a $2 million key person life insurance coverage. Tragically, shortly after the insurance was finalized, the father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. As the son received the death claim check, he confided in Mike, sharing how this lifeline had saved their family business. Today, that car dealership continues to flourish, a testament to the indomitable power of life insurance.

This incident illuminated the reality for Mike: small businesses are exceptionally vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances. The sudden loss of a key person, be it the owner or an essential employee, can have catastrophic consequences.

Recognizing this urgent need, and buoyed by his expertise in underwriting, Raines decided to zero in on a niche but significant market: individuals with special risks. He perceived that many either believed they were uninsurable due to their medical history or were overcharged because of their conditions. And in the age of digital ubiquity, Mike’s services offer a breath of fresh air. While many can now secure insurance with a simple mouse click, the world of high-risk life insurance remains a labyrinth. It demands the personal touch, guidance, and expertise that only seasoned professionals like Raines can offer.

The core ethos of Mike Raines and Special Risk Term is clear: every life insurance requirement is unique, and every life insurance carrier approaches underwriting differently. As an independent life insurance agency owner, Mike’s primary role is to navigate this maze to identify the best fit for his clients. It’s a job that no impersonal 1-800 number can fulfill. When you reach out to Special Risk Term, you aren’t just another case number; you connect directly with Mike, benefiting from his three-and-a-half decades of unparalleled experience in the high-risk life insurance arena.

Special Risk Term’s mission is not just about providing life insurance; it’s about empowering those with challenging situations, about letting them know that they aren’t alone or uninsurable. His testimonials resonate with grateful voices who, but for Mike’s expertise, might have remained unprotected and vulnerable.

In a world of rapid digitization, where personal connections often fade into the background, Mike Raines is a beacon of personalized service. He embodies the belief that while technology is transformative, the human touch remains irreplaceable, especially in sectors as personal and vital as life insurance.

For those navigating the intricate and sometimes daunting landscape of high-risk life insurance, Mike Raines isn’t just an agent; he’s a guide, an advocate, and a lifeline. His unwavering commitment to his clients and his dedication to his craft stand as a testament to the transformative power of expertise and genuine care.

Visit Special Risk Term to discover more about Mike Raines’s journey, insights, and how he continues to change lives every day.


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