Meet Zaniver – A New Risk-Free Approach to Lead Generation

Meet Zaniver - A New Risk-Free Approach to Lead Generation

In the lead generation industry, results are everything. 

Abdel Shafik started Zaniver in mid-2023. And now, the lead generation agency is helping 7+ companies scale on a full-performance basis.

Working on a 100% performance basis, here’s how Zaniver offers their clients up to 20 qualified leads a month.

Humble Beginnings

Q: Why did you start Zaniver?

“To fill a void and a gap in the industry. I saw businesses were struggling to find qualified leads and knew I had the solution. It was about creating value where it was needed most. I knew that working on a performance basis was the way to go because most agencies were charging high set-up fees, retainers, or long contracts. Since then, we’ve worked with 7+ clients, and that number is only growing.”

Q: What brought you to this specific career path?

“It was more of a realization than a decision. Seeing the gap between potential clients and marketing agencies, I knew my skill in converting leads could bridge that gap. It wasn’t just about making sales; it was about creating connections that mattered.”

Defining Moments

Q: What do you feel has been your ‘career-defining’ moment? And how did it impact your life?

“Choosing to turn away a client because I knew we weren’t the best fit for them. It was then I realized that our reputation was more valuable than any single sale. This approach has shaped our company ethos. In the beginning, it’s easy to want to work with anyone as an agency because you don’t have much leverage. Nowadays, I reject more clients than I accept them. If I know I cannot bring a client results, I simply turn them away.”

Q: Can you tell us a story about the hard times you faced when you started your journey? Did you ever consider giving up?

“In the early days, skepticism was a constant companion. Hearing that outreach was “spammy,” and prospects not trusting us was definitely demoralizing. But it was the belief in the value of what we were building that kept us going. Giving up? There were moments of doubt, but they were just moments. If anything, this made me learn about the importance of performance-driven marketing. I turned the hard times into an opportunity this way.”

Navigating The Industry

Q: What does this industry mean to you?

“It’s a platform for growth, not just for businesses but for relationships. Every successful conversion is a testament to understanding and meeting needs, which at its core is what this industry is all about.”

Q: What do you think is a great quality that anyone in your industry should have? And why?

“Integrity. In a field where results speak volumes, maintaining integrity means you’re not just chasing numbers but building a sustainable, trustworthy operation. There are many agencies out there who are happy to take money from just about everyone. At Zaniver, I work with clients I know I can help. To make it even easier for them, we work on a performance basis. Meaning that our clients only pay for the appointments we set for them, nothing else. No retainers, set up fees, or other hidden costs.”

Q: Is there a setback/mistake you’ve made, and can you share what you did to overcome it?

“Underestimating the need for clear communication was a setback. We overcame it by implementing structured processes and transparent practices, ensuring clients always know what to expect moving forward.”

The Zaniver Difference
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Q: How does your company differentiate from other companies in your industry?

“We’re not just about lead generation; we’re about generating the right leads. Our performance-based model means we’re as invested in our client’s success as they are. I’ve found that this makes it easier for prospects to choose us over other agencies, and since we’re on a performance basis, we’re always invested in our clients’ success. It’s simple: we get paid only if we set our client’s meetings with qualified leads.”

Q: What is the pain point that your company is helping to address?

“The gap between marketing agencies and their potential clients. We don’t just provide leads; we provide pathways to growth. By empowering marketing agencies to focus on what they do best, knowing their pipeline is filled with opportunities that can convert. We’re the bridge to their next big client.”

Q: What is the future for Zaniver?

“The way I look at it, cold email is just the vehicle; what matters is the destination for our clients. We’re planning to implement AI, automation, and other cutting-edge marketing strategies as part of our services. The aim here is to tailor our approach even more specifically to the needs of each client, ensuring that we’re not “just” a cold email agency but a more comprehensive growth partner. By doing so, we aim to not only increase the number of leads we generate for our clients but also improve the quality and conversion rate of these leads, making every campaign we run more efficient and more effective.”

In the marketing world, it’s common to see the value of genuine connections become overshadowed by the race for numbers.

Abdel takes a quality-over-quantity approach with Zaniver. 

Prioritizing value over volume proves as a reminder that success is not just about where you end up, but how you get there and the impact you make along the way.

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