Meet Paul Moss, CEO and Co-founder of TB2.Health

Meet Paul Moss, CEO and Co-founder of TB2.Health
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Meet Paul Moss, the visionary CEO and co-founder of TB2.Health, who shares his entrepreneurial journey from personal struggle to pioneering a startup aimed at revolutionizing the weight loss industry. 

Through TB2.Health, tagline, Moss is not just offering a solution but also providing hope and support to those battling obesity and metabolic issues. His candid insights into the challenges and triumphs of building a health-focused startup offer valuable lessons on resilience, innovation, and the power of a committed team. Join us as we uncover the story behind and the man leading its mission to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

Q: Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your professional background?

A: I’m Paul Moss, the CEO and founder of We’re working hard to make GLP-1 medications more accessible to those who need them most through our direct-to-patient weight loss prescription solutions. While I’ve had some success in business, I’m also deeply committed to giving back and sharing what I’ve learned. You might have come across my thoughts and experiences in publications like FinTech Times, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, where I’ve had the opportunity to contribute.

Q: Please tell us a bit more about your startup – what does it offer, what problem does it solve, and who is your target audience?

A: As someone who spent my 30s roughly 90 lbs overweight, I realized what a debilitating problem it was. Mentally, it can feel shaming, depressing, and make you feel hopeless. Physically, you just can’t do the things you want to be able to do. For me, that was with my daughter. Almost everyone who’s overweight has tried one way or another to lose weight, often to no avail, or to lose then gain it back. GLP-1s offer you the opportunity to lose weight and change your underlying lifestyle/habits so you don’t have to lose weight. Post GLP-1s, we have a program that helps reverse cardiovascular and metabolic damage accrued over the years – so not only will you look better aesthetically, but our programs will allow you to proactively fix a lot of the inside, too!   

Q: What inspired you to start your own business? What was the “aha” moment?

A: 75% of the US population has my problem of struggling with weight loss. When GLP-1s helped me to lose weight, and then so much misinformation was polluting the media, we had to start something that could be a beacon of truth for those trying to figure out if GLP-1 are right for them. As a result of so many misperceptions, those in need may not take them based on misinformation. Our model is to educate, and if someone leverages Tb2.Health for the program, great. But with 200+ comorbidities accompanying excess weight – we want people to lose the weight with someone!

Q: How did you identify a gap in the market or need that your business fulfills?

A: Many people don’t want to talk to someone about embarrassing things like being overweight, so we made an asynchronous path, almost like texting your clinician after the intake form. Secondly, GLP-1s are being tested regularly, so the prerequisites shift all the time- we stay ahead of that, making them more accessible. Then, we don’t leave you hanging once you are done. We have long-term, proactive, achievable solutions.

Q: How did you go about building your team and attracting talent in the early days?

A: Firstly, our Chief of Medicine, Antoni Adamrovich, is the most brilliant medical mind I have ever met. I highly recommend you sit down and have coffee with this guy. He was screaming not to put COVID patients on respirators way before the masses realized that was a horrible idea. I actually had an employee on the respirator who felt like she wasn’t going to make it, and Toni walked her through what to tell her doctor, and she feels he saved her life. This is one example of hundreds. Then I just recruited the smartest technology and marketing brain I knew, who were actually good people at heart, and off we went.   

Q: What have been some of the toughest decisions you’ve had to make as a founder? Any stand out as pivotal?

A: Our technology build was outsourced in Israel, which obviously went through a lot last year with the conflicts in the Middle East. Effectively, overnight, all hands were no longer focused on our issues; they were focused on living and helping their neighbors. At this point, abandoning our technology partners would have been easy, but I wanted to give them a chance to maintain our business. So, members of our team stateside jumped in to collaborate, and we crossed the technological finish line shortly after.

Q: How do you stand out from the competition in your space? What sets your product/service apart?

A: At the end of the day, we care. We don’t want whatever we can convince you to sign up for – we just want to give you the facts and let you work with your assigned clinician to determine what is right for you.

Q: What are the most important skills someone needs to be a successful founder, in your opinion?

A: Resilience. Perhaps that’s because I’ve bootstrapped every business I’ve started.  But whatever might happen will happen – and it boils down to how you respond.  Everyone is watching in those moments – but it’s all the moments in between that allow you to pull through the tough ones.


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