Marc Angelo Coppola Finds Harmony in Passions Between Farm and City Living

Farming and city living are two contrasting lifestyles. Many see the two as the opposite ends of the spectrum and fall under the presumption that a person has to choose one over the other. But Marc Angelo Coppola proves that it is possible to live the best of both worlds.

Marc Angelo is a full-time farmer, philanthropreneur, and podcast host of The Superhero Academy, a show designed as a no-filter real-life conversation hosting passionate guests and guiding listeners through  the hero’s journey many people are currently on. Marc Angelo is the perfect epitome of a person who broke through the obstacles to establish a new standard of living—one where freedom is not an option but is lived every day. 

“I would say I’m a storyteller who has my feet planted firmly in two worlds—one on the farm where I take my ideas and stories and turn them into real-world produce and food, and one in the city where I share my passion for storytelling, brand building, and finance in the digital realm,” Marc shared. 

The visionary believes that both aspects of his life are linked in one story that tells of a modern-day farmer and entrepreneur who does not limit themselves to be defined by society’s preconceived ideas of where they should be planted. Marc Angelo proves that one doesn’t need to exclusively be on either side of the divide but can plant their feet right in the middle and produce something even more spectacular.

Marc Angelo established his first business in 2007. It was an indoor skatepark on the South Shore of Montreal, which quickly captured the hearts of the locals. Through entrepreneurship, he learned all the street smarts he needed to succeed, things he wouldn’t have learned in school. After three years, he exited the chapter of his first business as he realized that although it made him a sense of fulfillment that he was able to bring happiness to the community, maintaining a skatepark can be capital intensive and time-intensive. The skatepark is still open today, but Marc chose to move on and find a venture that brings him more freedom.

On a mission to establish a new lifestyle for himself, Marc became determined to understand where he could thrive as an individual while simultaneously making an impact on the rest of the world. He read Atomic Habits by James Clear and shared that it was life-changing. “I love his idea of changing habits and focusing on being 1% better and valuing momentum-building rather than large leaps that often fail or don’t sustain long-term,” he said.

Marc Angelo has worked hard on building a life where he could follow his love for farming without having to compromise his passion for technology and the internet. He harnessed his skills in both areas and came out stronger. Marc Angelo found the perfect balance that allows him to enjoy the beauty of farm life while also basking in the hustle and bustle city environment. He found that his passion for storytelling was the link that could effortlessly merge both of the worlds he loved without disrupting the other.

Today, Marc Angelo shares his story through his camera and microphone, amplifying his life through his podcasts and highlighting that building a life according to one’s desire is indeed possible, regardless of society’s established norms. Marc aims to inspire the world to take their leaps of faith and design the life of their dreams.


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