London-based Food Business ethey Gains A New Partnership

Ethey, founded by Nick Spina, has become an incubator of innovative food-based brands that share their commitment to sustainability. Their recent partnership, investment, and new office space assets have set the stage for the company to expand into new territory and give entrepreneurs the proper resources to pursue their missions. 

What began as a meal delivery service, the London-based company has since grown into an incubator for businesses that are leading the future of the food industry. Ethey Group, the sustainable-focused food and beverage company for Canadian businesses, is bringing new economic activity to downtown London with plans to expand its reach. 

As part of ethey’s national growth strategy, they are acquiring food-related brands for their zero-waste facility and rounding out their incubator-style business by turning their recently owned office space into a co-working space. As part of Spina’s vision for the company, he wants to collaborate with their acquired businesses by ensuring the founder or entrepreneur has the necessary resources to continue developing their brand with the help of ethey Group

Ethey Group recently merged six businesses into their roll-up style incubator company. A few of those acquired businesses include Puppy Gang, a human-grade pet food company, Blank Slate Wellness, a cold-pressed juice company that incorporates adaptogens and live raw vegan probiotics; and the originating brand, LiveFit, which offers a national precooked meal delivery service with a focus on fitness. 

Merging these brands under the umbrella brand- ethey Group– and bringing them into their facility allows ethey to apply its reduced carbon footprint model to further its sustainable practices in the Canadian food and beverage industry. 

The company has other exciting brands that will be named within the next six months, so keep an eye out for those announcements. 

London-based real estate investor Shmuel Farhi is ethey’s largest investor to date and helped close up recent investments. Farhi Holdings Corporation is Southwestern Ontario’s premier commercial, residential, and land holdings management and development organization. Spina, a long-time high school friend with his son, is beyond grateful for his contribution. 

Farhi, owner and manager of more than 4 million sq. ft. of properties across Ontario, moved to the province in 1986. After witnessing the business ethey Group is bringing into London to do better for the community, it resonated with his own mission, and decided to join forces to support the good work ethey Group is doing. 

He also helped ethey Group acquire new office space in London which is designated as a co-working space to provide a place for people to work. The company is looking to expand its co-working space and office acquisition partnership in places like Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. 

As part of ethey’s expansion, it is moving into offering office space and co-working space in other major cities as part of its incubator for both digital and physical potential. 

“It’s different because we’re actually acquiring new brands and bringing them all in-house,” Kyle Standaert says, ethey’s EVP of Growth. Ethey is looking to “find not only brands with a strong brand and strong customer base but entrepreneurs or founders that want to stay on board.”  

“We can help founders in different areas, but also the agencies that are there. Everyone still has the opportunity to do their own thing but still come together at the same time… and our agencies and the people that work for us feel like part of the team.” 

Ethey Group has around 200 workers in total with their new acquisitions and is creating spaces to bring people together to build a community and foster a team environment. 

With partners and advisors like Gary Vaynerchuk, ethey is en route to revolutionizing their industry. 

Ethey Group has plans to expand into the US, and the approval by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) also makes them FDA approved, allowing them to start shipping into the US as soon as they see fit. 

“When it comes to looking into the US, we definitely want to be there at least in the next six months,” Standaert says. And with its expansive portfolio of brands, ethey Group has more potential to find success in other verticals throughout the US.

“We’re now not only investor-backed, but we’re also assetbacked,” Standaert explains, and as they continue to acquire new brands, they can bring them in-house to foster a team with one shared mission: sustainability. 

Transforming the food industry for the better, ethey Group is a rising force, and with their growing acquisitions and plans to expand, they will continue to change this polluted industry for the better with sustainable practices. 

To learn more about ethey’s sustainable practices, visit ethey Group’s website today. 


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