Learn How Real Estate Skills Is Shaping The Real Estate Education Industry

Real Estate Skills is a leader in Real Estate EdTech otherwise known as an Education Technology for those looking to learn how to wholesale real estate and invest in properties. The company’s focus is teaching people across the world how to wholesale and flip houses like a professional. Real Estate Skills understands for many the easiest way to get into the real estate market without much if any capital is through Wholesaling.

Chief Operating Officer of Real Estate Skills, Ryan Zomorodi, went on to say: “Our organization has a mission to help our students not only learn valuable real estate skills needed to wholesale, but more importantly get a chance to invest and build generational wealth.” With much success in the marketplace thus far as an educational platform, we decided to take a further look at the company and their plans for growth in the future.

Why Real Estate Skills?

Founded by Alex Martinez, Ryan Zomorodi, and Tony Martinez, Real Estate Skills has positioned itself as the largest EdTech platform in the marketplace for those looking to learn how to wholesale real estate and flip houses. The company dominates Google Search & offers plenty of valuable information for free on their website to help you get your wholesaling business started before you even decide to get inside of their paid programs. Inside the Pro Wholesaler VIP Program, users get an opportunity to learn from some of the best real estate wholesalers in the country and connect with other successful students in the program.

Real Estate Skills has trained thousands of investors around the Nation including licensed real estate agents, private equity real estate firms, and award-winning athletes turned business entrepreneurs. Being an online-first real estate education platform, the company also teaches long distance virtual wholesaling real estate strategies allowing investors to access real estate deals regardless of their physical location.

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Expert Knowledge For An Affordable Price

Real Estate Skills was designed to offer up-to-date information and expert advice to the many out there looking to build a real estate wholesaling business. Within the education industry, real estate “Gurus” are reported to be notorious for signing students to their poorly-constructed programs at high-ticket prices, only to factor in even more upsells for marketing and advertising costs that end up banging consumers in the pocket with lackluster results.

Co-Founder Ryan Zomorodi went on to say: “When seeking out training in real estate investments and wholesaling, it’s important for people to evaluate the business model that is being taught. Most of our clients are looking for a way to profit without having to shell out thousands of dollars a month in marketing costs in order to compete with other firms. We help people focus on lean strategies and systems to keep your exposure low while maximizing your returns. Clients often come to us to help dig them out of the financial hole that other programs put them in. Many other educators online get it wrong because their focus is teaching you how to become a marketer to generate leads, when the focus should be on submitting quality offers.”

Real Estate Skills program fortunately was created to save students time and money, and show that you don’t need to allocate time and resources into becoming a full-time marketer, spending endless dollars on costly direct-to-seller marketing and other programs right off the bat to find success.

Get Started With Real Estate Skills Today

Real Estate Skills offers high quality programs and educational content, much of which are free of charge. As an organization, Real Estate Skills wants its users to get all of the education that they need to succeed in the modern era of real estate entrepreneurship.

By digging into even their free programs and reviews, the goal is to help beginners learn valuable information to get the ball rolling. Eventually through community value and a constant target to provide the best information online on how to build a wholesaling business, Real Estate Skills strives to be known as the go-to resource for Real Estate Investing Education Worldwide.
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