John Butler’s Inspiring Journey From Rookie of the Year to Fierce Free-Market Advocate for Business Healthcare

John Butler: From Rookie of the Year to Fierce Free-Market Advocate
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Success means different things for different people.

For some, it’s making lots of money and enriching their lives.  For others, it’s to impact society; leaving it better than they found it.

John Butler, founder of JB Benefits Consulting, says that spending a significant amount of time as an entrepreneur made him realize that one cannot live only for financial success but also for a purpose.

When John ventured into business, he didn’t know the journey would lead him to become an advocate for the well-being of others. Today, he is a fierce champion for a better business health insurance system that serves the interests of both employers and employees.

He sold two businesses that were doing well to focus on his mission of advocating for free-market solutions in an industry that has perverse incentives designed to make money for everyone but employers and their employees.

Businesses have to grapple with rising costs and diminishing benefits. Rules and regulations levied by the government and insurance carriers leave employers and employees with less freedom to make any lasting changes while continuing to steal revenue from the very people who make our economy and communities successful.

John is at the forefront.  He’s empowering employers to learn about the kind of health coverage they deserve for both themselves and their employees.

John Butler’s Background

John’s journey began in 1974 when Bloomington was considered a small town in Minnesota.  In the early 1970s, as a young teen, he started earning money selling pop and popcorn at the old Met Stadium during Twins games.  Met Stadium was eventually replaced by the internationally-known Mall of America today.

After college, he kept himself busy doing odd jobs before finally finding his footing in the world of finance and securities. Mass Mutual Companies gave him a full-time job opportunity in 1988, and he quickly made a name for himself.  During his tenure there, he was awarded the coveted title of “Rookie of the Year,” earning him a trip to Hawaii. This was a huge boost to his morale and proof of his talent and dedication to his work.

For the next 13 years, he worked as a financial advisor for Mass Mutual Companies until 1996 when he decided to start his own firm, JB Benefits Consulting. This included managing employee benefits for various companies and of course this also included business health benefits. 

It was not long before John began to notice the flaws in the health insurance system. The industry was rife with rising costs, opaque pricing policies and limited options for businesses and their employees.

In 2010 John embarked on a 14-year journey and fact-finding mission to find out what was bedeviling the industry.  For him, it was not just about building a successful business, but affecting real change that would impact society. 

His findings were that the business health insurance system was not designed to benefit employers and employees; instead, it benefited insurance providers, pharmacy companies, and even brokers selling insurance products to employers.

Giving Control Back to the Employer

John Butler’s vision is to revolutionize an industry that is unwilling to reform. His passion for free-market principles and a commitment to empowering employers led him to challenge the status quo and advocate for policies prioritizing choice, competition and consumer empowerment. 

In 2021, he published his book, “Health Insurance Sucks”. The book tackles the topic of health coverage for employers and uncovers the secrets of maneuvering the industry to the consumers’ advantage. It gives practical solutions for employers to not only save on costs but can also provide employers with a guaranteed flat budget going forward. Something that most employers consider an impossible task. 

In 2022 and 2023, John sold his employee benefits and securities businesses to become a completely independent business healthcare consultant. 

Armed with a deep understanding of the complexities of the industry, he set out to provide businesses with simple and practical solutions that businesses can immediately implement. 

Today, John Butler continues his mission for a more transparent, competitive and affordable business healthcare system. Moreover, John’s true passion is showing employers his recently discovered path to offering employees zero deductibles and even zero out-of-pocket plans. This can be accomplished without having the business pay one dime more than they are currently spending for the broken systems most employers have been operating under for decades. 

John’s latest public declaration:

“Most people don’t know that about 60% of all bankruptcies across America are caused by healthcare bankruptcies. And nearly 75% of those people who filed those bankruptcy claims HAD HEALTH INSURANCE. This is simply unacceptable to me.”

Maybe when employers wake up to the fact that they can now offer employees zero-deductible healthcare coverage, these types of bankruptcies will end for good.


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