Learn How Adam Cerra Helps Businesses Scale Their Organization with Outsourced High Ticket Closing

Adam Cerra is a British Entrepreneur and the founder of Adam Cerra Ltd. His organization offers a specialized outsourced high ticket sales team for existing businesses looking to close their services at a higher level. Cerra has been able to find success in the marketplace by aligning his team’s talent with other organizations allowing them to lower their operating costs & capture more revenue with better systems and necessary bandwidth. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Cerra is viewed by many as one of the leaders in high ticket item sales. In his career, Cerra has had the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the Personal Development, Coaching, & Training industry(s). Due to his deep understanding of the marketplace, Cerra created a system called “Inverse Selling” — Which has helped those he works with generate a total combined revenue of over 40 Million Dollars. To learn more about Adam Cerra, We sat down with him to learn more about high ticket closing & how he has been able to successfully help organizations across the globe improve their sales with his help & insight. 

What Does High Ticket Closing Mean As a Service Provider To Organizations? 

Adam Cerra wants you to know that in order to succeed in the marketplace at a high level you need the right talent for your organization. Without public sector or private sector equity raising, marginal allocation is important when it comes to hiring the right people to make your business grow. By hiring Adam Cerra’s high ticket sales team, Organizations get to easily skip the pain of Internal hiring of closers,, sales training, & managing by hiring Cerra’s highly trained high ticket closers. Cerra and his organization are able to align with organizations that they work with with ease by having their talented closers ready to go right away. By aligning with Adam Cerra, organizations can place high ticket closers in their already proven systems that generate new high ticket sales. By hiring Cerra’s high ticket closer team , organizations can increase their high ticket sales without the headache that sales staff can bring.

Cerras Insight On The Coaching Industry Boom 

Over the last 20 years, Adam has seen the coaching business grow by GDP/YOY for the last (2) Decades. Cerra went on to say: “The coaching industry is estimated to top 20 billion in the year of 2022 — Due to the internet and the ability to provide services virtually anywhere, coaches have been able to grow and scale their organizations by building their audiences online.” Cerra wants coaches to know that he understands the vocation of coaching and the headache it may become when operating a coaching business. Adam went on to say: “The problem for coaches is two fold, Successful coaches need to develop a high ticket sales offer & two they need to be able to separate their role from sales to truly align with their organization and coaching their program.” This has been a huge part of Cerra’s success, between the boom in overall coaching services being bought & also aligning with existing coaching businesses and helping them outsource their closing so that they can get back to doing what they are best at. 

The Future of The Coaching Industry 

Cerra views the future of the coaching industry as a continuation of the past 20 years. Furthermore, Cerra went on to say: “Since my start in the early 2000’s, I have seen growth year over year within the industry. You are seeing more organizations coming along especially in today’s marketplace at a rate that I have never seen before.” For Cerra, his organization is extremely excited for the future to align with growing coaching businesses across the globe. With experience and proven concepts, Adam knows that his organization can have a meaningful impact with any organization that chooses to align with him for their sales and high ticket closing. 
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