LeadGenius: Reinventing How Businesses Use Data to Discover Their Best Customers

LeadGenius: Reinventing How Businesses Use Data to Discover Their Best Customers
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“80%” is a percentage that scares marketers, business leaders, and sales operatives as much as it inspires them. It is the amount of B2B data that is either underutilized or undiscovered. It is at the center of seminars, industry books, and expert podcasts, all of which claim they have the secret to improving the customer pipeline but ultimately fail because they cannot do one crucial thing: differentiate between identical contacts, accounts, and regions. LeadGenius, with its proprietary blend of AI, growth automation technology, and human experts, is changing this, and the result is a big piece of the 80% pie.

LeadGenius is an intelligent data service vendor that has been helping mid-market and enterprise-level companies to tap into their real Total Addressable Market (TAM) for more than twelve years. Its team’s philosophy is simple: there is no point in a business trying to scale up using the same data accessed by its competitors. Its approach is targeted: source vertical or international data at scale and uncover hard-to-find B2B data. LeadGenius then provides nuanced industry and geo-specific market insights to its clients, which have included eBay, Amazon, and PFL, among others.

“By using cutting-edge technology to find the data no one else has, we have been able to deliver over 21,000 custom datasets to our clients,” says VP of Demand Generation Derek Rahn. “They have enjoyed an average increase in TAM of 42% and an average 9.1x ROI. It proves our point: there is a whole new level of B2B data out there waiting to be discovered. With our AI-powered technology, we are making that happen.”

LeadGenius’ latest innovation, “LeadGenius Plays,” is supercharging the sales productivity of businesses through on-demand precision datasets and deeper insights. The interface accomplishes in minutes what used to take hours for marketers and sales leaders to do. By filling in missing data gaps, running high value plays in three steps, and improving completeness and hygiene with CRM integrations that make data cleanup more efficient, “LeadGenius Plays” allows users to build look-a-like audiences and discover prospective customers.

“We are rewriting the rules that companies play by so that they can save valuable time and level up,” says Rahn. “Be sure to test ‘LeadGenius Plays’ for free and learn why it is a very exciting time to be in business no matter what industry you are in.”

LeadGenius is already dominating markets in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and parts of Africa and Asia. It recently announced it is offering coverage in China, Vietnam, and Uzbekistan in order to meet the increasing demand for account and contact insights from this region. With the rollout, LeadGenius has become the only global data provider to offer substantial coverage in these countries.

In the second half of 2023, LeadGenius’ leadership will continue to develop their plans for further expanding coverage in Asia and Africa. Their goal remains the same as the day they first opened their doors: to leverage unique data sets, targeting, and differentiation to help their clients discover what is waiting for them in that 80%.

LeadGenius is a leading global B2B data and intelligence business. For over ten years, it has been working with Fortune 500 companies to build global B2B data through custom signals and account insights. Its solutions for marketers, sales operatives, and business leaders include the ability to track buyers at scale, eliminate “return to sender,” clone all-star reps, leverage adaptive data, and more. 

For more information about how LeadGenius uncovers the untold story of customers using RPA and Natural Language Processing tools, please see the company’s website.


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