Edoardo Novello, An Italian Making Waves in Hollywood

Edoardo Novello, An Italian Making Waves in Hollywood
Photo Courtesy: Stefano Dos Santos

By: Laurie Pierce

Edoardo Novello, a distinguished film producer known for his relentless dedication, unique storytelling vision, and significant contributions to the film industry, has firmly established himself as a powerful new force in Hollywood. With a background in European and American film schools, Novello blends artistic nuance with technical precision. His passion, perseverance, and remarkable achievements continue to redefine cinematic norms, making him one of the influential producers of his generation.

Novello’s journey in cinema began at the University of Bologna in Italy, where he pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies and was awarded a Merit Scholarship for his producing work. Embracing the rich world of film theory and storytelling, Novello built a solid foundation for his career.

“Nothing makes people more unique than the will to give all of themselves into a project… Or that is at least what I believe makes me unique. I am the one that will give heart and soul to a project until it’s done.” Eager to refine his craft further, Novello pursued a Master of Fine Arts in Film Production with Directing Emphasis at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. He secured a Graduate Fellowship and honed his skills under the guidance of industry leaders at Dodge College, the 4th ranked film school in the United States. This transformative environment shaped his vision and broadened his creative horizons.

One of Novello’s early projects, the 2017 documentary Encounters, marked a turning point in his career. The film explored the lives of minor psychiatric patients at a private psychiatric hospital in Modena, Italy. This film firstly exemplified his drive to uncover the more profound human image he had always dreamed of. A project which remains one of his most cherished early works.

Another milestone came with the production of The American Terrorist in 2023. Inspired by actual events, the feature film delved into the post-9/11 world through the lens of an ex-marine navigating his life after the tragedy of the Twin Towers. Novello’s ability to bring heart-wrenching and socially relevant stories to the screen was further showcased in Trenchez 2, where he served as Unit Production Manager and 1st Assistant Director. Here, he connected film departments for cohesive production and crafted detailed schedules and calendars that ensured the success of this project, currently about to be released on streaming platforms.

His excellence in producing was recognized at the Hollywood Gold Awards, where he won as Best Producer for one of his films. This recognition bolstered his reputation and led to new opportunities, including Scent of Blood, a feature film set to start filming in the Fall of 2024. This big-budget Hollywood production will mark Novello’s ultimate breakthrough in the blockbusters market.

Throughout his career, Edoardo has collaborated with numerous notable brands and personalities, including the Providence Hospitals Network, Thompson Policy Institute on Disability, COOLA Sunscreen and Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi Company. He also crossed paths with Dennis Conrad (director of Crossed the Line with Ice-T) and Werner Herzog, the pioneering German director.

Novello attributes much of his success to his proactive approach, often wearing multiple hats on set to ensure his projects succeed. He considers his greatest strengths to be his unwavering passion, ability to multitask, and sensitivity to clients’ and collaborators’ needs. By reading and re-reading scripts, he anticipates potential production challenges and identifies the elements that will have the most significant impact on future audiences.

“I have always been strongly determined to pursue this career, doing my best to bring to life the projects I work on, even sometimes filling multiple positions to run the show. Multitasking and working on different productions simultaneously is definitely a must for every producer. In addition, I honed the ability to predicting ahead of time if the investors will be concerned regarding a nuance of our project or will like to have an element modified.”

Despite facing initial skepticism from those around him, particularly in his hometown of Venice, he pushed forward, turning weaknesses into strengths. His exuberant temperament and relaxed attitude have made him the serious yet fun person his peers respect and admire. “When I was in Venice, nobody believed in me. People thought my desire to make movies was a joke and that I craved a mundane life. But after years of pushing forward, I have finally been able to prove my potential and grow in the industry.”

Beyond individual projects, Novello aims to enrich the independent film market with more family-centered stories. His upcoming feature films are expected to bring a fresh wave to the film community, providing nuanced explorations of family relationships and social challenges. “I am already in contact with several directors and screenwriters and am currently working on developing two feature-length family dramas. Ultimately, my main goal is to help the American industry grow even more and provide a new lens to read through nowadays social issues.”

Edoardo Novello, An Italian Making Waves in Hollywood_2
Photo Courtesy: Stefano Dos Santos

Novello exemplifies the transformative power of cinema in shaping and reflecting the diverse stories of the world. 

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