Leadership Coaching with Percy Vaid: Emphasizing the Role of Purpose

To be an effective leader, you must first know why you’re leading. We tend to put more emphasis on the skills and techniques we need to develop as leaders than on the most critical aspect of leadership, which is our individual identities. Leaders might benefit from having someone like Percy Vaid, an executive life coach, who can help them focus on what’s most important and direct their efforts there. Percy Vaid uses practical strategies to foster an attitude of appreciation, trust, and confidence in his clients so that they may achieve their goals in life. Coachees are more likely to achieve this goal when they are viewed as genuine human beings who act and live in a transparent, honest, and open manner.

Percy believes that what makes us one of a kind is the unique combination of our experiences. Our perspectives, values, attitudes, and inner selves are all molded by our life experiences. Who we are, or think we are, is molded by our life experiences. There is no one else on Earth who has had the same life experiences as you. This is proof each of us is a work in progress since this design is always changing and adapting.

All too often, we rush through life without stopping to consider the decisions we’ve made or the roads we’ve traveled. We don’t put forth the effort to learn how our actions affect ourselves and the people around us. Being able to successfully handle many of the obstacles that will be thrown your way as a leader requires that you have a crystal clear understanding of your goal. When you have a purpose, you can concentrate on how you want to make a difference in the world. It points you in the direction of the settings and groups in which your efforts will be relevant to you and valued by others.

When it comes to making choices and selecting the courses of action to take, your purpose may act as a compass. Your purpose and mission may serve as a compass for you when it is crystal clear. When you have a deeper understanding of your mission, it will be much simpler for you to establish priorities and make progress toward your objectives. Your sense of self-assurance will soar once you realize who you are and what kind of leader you want to be.

Percy assists in discovering what it is that really motivates you. What are some of life’s little pleasures and responsibilities that you find most satisfying to carry out? These might point you to the right path in terms of prioritizing things that matter the most. For what reasons do you believe your job is important? So, you want to lead others and do good for them, but why?

He then helps his coachees to examine their aspirations and see how they align with those of the organization they work in. Next, he sets a series of questions that a leader can ask himself to get a clear understanding of his actual goal such as considering the company’s motivations after the said leader has figured out what drives them. Is what drives them congruent with the mission, values, and objectives of the organization? If not, they may want to start searching for a firm where your goals align with theirs.

Further, Percy Vaid is an expert at giving directions that help leaders in finding out what they can do to improve the firm. After they’ve established that your goals and the business’s goals are aligned, they can start considering how their goals may help the firm succeed. 

He recommends planning out the end goal(s) you want to achieve by following your purpose and setting benchmarks along the way. Purpose drift is common because of conflicting demands. Focus on your progress toward your goal and give yourself little incentives for doing so.


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