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A CEO was meeting with a lawyer to discuss some important legal matters. The lawyer was explaining a complex legal issue using lots of technical jargon that the CEO didn’t understand.

Finally, the CEO interrupted the lawyer and said, “Look, can you just explain it to me like I’m a five-year-old?”

The lawyer thought for a moment and then said, “Okay, here’s how I would explain it to a five-year-old: Imagine you have a cookie, but your sister wants it. You can either give her the cookie or risk getting in trouble. That’s kind of what this legal issue is like.”

The CEO looked at the lawyer for a moment and then said, “Okay, I think I get it. So basically, what you’re saying is…I need to share my cookies with my sister?”

The lawyer nodded and replied, “Exactly! See, you’re a natural at this legal stuff.”

While you may not see the hippest influencer like The Rock hanging out with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple or CEO of Microsoft, Satay Nadella hanging out with Selena Gomez, humor is a language one would think both would be able to enjoy. 

Influencers have become very powerful and effective tools in marketing, and they are changing the way promotions are being done for various brands all over the world. The influencer culture has been impacting consumers from all walks of life, and organizations like Non-Equity Partner recognize its significant contributions. For this reason, Non-Equity Partner is leveraging influencer strategies in the practice of law and more. 

Non-Equity Partner is spearheaded by Bill Moore, an elusive creator who remains anonymous for career purposes. Moore has proved his place as an influencer with over 164 thousand followers and thousands of likes per post.

Bill successfully developed his defining online brand by targeting the newest generation of young lawyers and white-collar professionals. He first jumped into the influencer scene in 2019 by creating an Instagram account that has grown to more than 160,000 followers. Bill’s reputation as a famous lawyer, however, is quite unconventional for a practicing lawyer as he opts to use humor to capture the hearts and minds of legal professionals around the world. Jokes about lawyers may fall flat depending on when and where they are told. However, when it’s written online, it always seems to be a little funnier. How many lawyer jokes are there? Only three, the rest are true stories.

After generating a huge following, Non-Equity Partner has evolved into a respectable organization that offers attorney career placement services, industry-leading publications on compensation and law firm rankings, and legal-tech consulting and investment. In addition, its features are very user-friendly, making it easy for job-hunting young lawyers to find what they are looking for.

Another interesting feature of Non-Equity Partner is that it represents a recent trend of niche career influencer brands that have outgrown their original audience. There is a wide array of products available on its website, from pens to hoodies, pillows, shirts, jogger pants, ball caps, mugs, socks, women’s crop tops, and accessories, among others. 

“I like to think that Non-Equity Partner is truly making a difference in the industry by providing some much-needed transparency and a few laughs along the way,” said Bill. “By giving a common voice to our shared experiences, I hope that aspiring attorneys would be inspired and empowered to take more agency over their careers and add some life into a decaying industry.”

If anything, Bill has successfully redefined how people view lawyers in general. Quite often, they are viewed as stern and serious individuals without a funny bone in their bodies. But Bill has proven that it is possible to be an effective and well-respected law practitioner and still be the funniest guy on social media. Quite obviously, people are drawn to his sarcasm and wit altogether, attributes that are rarely together for a lot of practicing lawyers nowadays.

Bill’s approach has been undeniably effective as Non-Equity Partner has been a guaranteed crowd drawer. It only goes to show that consumers respond to strategies they can easily relate to, especially when it concerns law practice. Non-Equity Partner is dubbed as the modern-day “Dilbert.” Scott Adams is the author and illustrator of Dilbert, a popular American comic strip that made its debut on April 16, 1989. Dilbert is renowned for its witty satire and comical commentary on the mundane aspects of office life, particularly within a white-collar, micromanaged work environment. The strip’s protagonist is an engineer named Dilbert, who serves as the emblematic figure of the series. While he isn’t writing comics, his memes can be seen as a sort of “new comic” for the younger generations. With over 60% of all memes shared are political in nature, Moore seems to fit right in, making a joke of lawyers. Humor seems to be a universal language to all. A well-crafted joke is something that appears to be universally appreciated.

Maybe one day, you will see memes in the newspaper like you did comics. But, until that day, you can catch Moore and his Memes by checking out his Instagram @nonequitypartner. Hopefully you can get as good of a laugh as his other 164+ thousand followers.

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