Kristian Monique and Colourmefaces Provide a Product That Doesn’t Overshadow Natural Beauty

At some point in their youth, every girl has seen their mother or female relative spend their time in front of a mirror applying beauty products. For Kristian Monique, watching her mother and aunt put on their red lipstick and shade their dark bold brows led to her passion for beauty. Eventually, her passion led to the creation of her brand, Colourmefaces by Kris Monique.

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Kristian Monique spent her youth in the Bethel Grove area near Orange Mound. There she attended Bethel Grove Elementary before attending Colonial Middle School and Overton High School. Throughout her youth, Monique would witness her mother and Auntie M by the mirror using fancy brands like Mary Kay, Lancôme, Estée Lauder and Maybelline.

“I was fascinated,” shared Monique. “I used to mark my cheeks pinkish with my white eyeliner with my lips heavily traced.”

Apart from beauty products, Monique had a knack for dancing, and she would perform from middle school to college. Whenever she had to perform on stage, she would be able to combine both passions backstage.

“We always had to wear makeup, and my love for makeup continued to increase as those nostalgic moments passed over time,” Monique revealed. “My friends would always want me to do their makeup before performances to match our dance outfits, and I’ve even done makeup for friends for their senior photo shoots.”

After completing her studies at the University of Tennessee, Kristian Monique decided to embark on her makeup journey. She went to Florida, hoping she would find better opportunities.

“I initially wanted to perfect my skills to my liking (I’m a perfectionist) before I started taking it any further,” Monique revealed. “But my circle kept pushing me and giving me their face to practice on as much as I could. Some even donated makeup or money to expand my kit.”

Although Monique discovered some makeup artists who shared their online knowledge, she realized that she had everything she needed in Memphis.

From there, Colourmefaces was born, based on her love to enhance her client’s natural beauty by not overshadowing it and instead embracing what’s already there. Her philosophy became the foundation for her brand. Colourmefaces strives to represent every woman, from everyday working women and entrepreneurs to soccer moms and even women who don’t often wear makeup but need a little help learning.

“We represent chic, classy, sexy, and boldness bringing out the beauty that’s already within,” elaborated Monique. “I want to make women feel good and ready to take on the day, whether it’s for that meeting for a job promotion, your big special day, birthday, graduation, or a simple date night with the mister. Colourmefaces are available for all occasions.”

Although the brand has only recently been established, Kristian Monique hopes to expand Colourmefaces and bring in a team of passionate artists coloring the beautiful faces in the Memphis area. She foresees the brand growing and going global. “Colourmefaces will be a household name that is timeless,” predicted Monique. “We will expand from glam beats to special effects makeup, editorial, and runway.”

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