Keymarine LLC Triumphs with a 2023 Global Recognition Award™

Keymarine LLC
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By: Anne Schulze

New York, New York – December 2023 –   In a fantastic display of strategic leadership and industry expertise, Keymarine LLC, led by Oleg Kolesnykov, has been recognized as the esteemed recipient of the 2023 Global Recognition Award™. Within just six months of operation, this start-up has emerged as a leader in the Independent Marine & Cargo Surveyors and Loss Control Operations sectors.

With a staggering 100% revenue increase, the achievements of Keymarine LLC, and its captain, Kolesnykov, is not only vital but holds pivotal implications for the industry as a whole,” says a Keymarine spokesperson. “This unprecedented growth is a testament to our commitment to quality services and the vast expertise of our team.”

Keymarine LLC Dominates the Industry

Marking an extraordinary achievement within such a short period, Keymarine LLC’s success can be attributed to its team of Licensed Unlimited Master Mariners, who have served on Oil Chemical Tankers for over 20 years. The combination of their industry experience and the contribution of the company’s postgraduate MBA degree holders has helped Keymarine set a benchmark for its competitors.

Our team’s professionalism and expertise are the foundation of our successes,” remarks Oleg Kolesnykov. “With their collective years of experience, we have been able to foster safety within the maritime community through our International Safety Management Inspections and Consultations- a service designed in recognition of the global scale safety requirements.”

Industry Recognition

Adding to their accomplishments, Keymarine LLC is a recognized member of the North American Environmental Protection Association (NAMEPA) and the International Association of Marine and Shipping Professionals. Their memberships further signify their dedication to maintaining industry standards and promoting responsible maritime operations.

Keymarine LLC consistently exceeds expectations by adhering to and setting industry standards, establishing it as a maritime industry powerhouse,” says Alex Sterling of the Global Recognition Awards™.

Final Words

With the successful acquisition of seven clients in just six months, Keymarine LLC’s staggering growth in this highly competitive industry solidifies their status as a deserving recipient of the 2023 Global Recognition Award™.

Under the visionary guidance of Oleg Kolesnykov, Keymarine has managed to revolutionize the marine surveying sector through industry-leading services,” Alex Sterling adds. “Their evident industry expertise, impressive client acquisition portfolio, and pronounced revenue growth are indicative of their worthiness for the prestigious 2023 Global Recognition Award™”.

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