Kevin Shine on Celebrating Music and Taking Down Barriers Within the Industry

Over the years, the music scene has grown to become one of the most progressive and booming industries in the world. However, despite its increasing popularity, there remains to be a gap between the artists and their professional goals. In an effort to help musicians and other creatives produce highly engaging content that resonates, professional music consultant Kevin Shine addressed himself to the challenge of creating a platform that promotes inclusivity and takes down any barriers within the industry. Today, he stands as the esteemed founder and CEO of Writing Sessions America.

Widely acknowledged for his visionary flair and unparalleled professionalism, Kevin Shine   hopes to give ambitious people the recognition and breakthrough they deserve. However, at the heart of his purpose-driven efforts lies the understanding that not all artists will get the opportunity they need to grow and reach their desired audience. For this reason, he has been going the extra mile to help aspirants and dreamers accomplish their goals and take them to the summits of their respective careers.

“I am very concerned that we are not creating a way for artists to make an honest living in doing what they love,” Kevin Shine   revealed in an interview. “I hope that we can find a price point where artists can make the kind of living, they did back in the times when music was being sold in stores,” he further explained. According to the luminary, he wants aspiring artists to know there is a place where they can grow and thrive alongside like-minded professionals. With his venture, Writing Sessions America, he can help these individuals hone their crafts and embrace their potential.

Currently working with his organization, Kevin Shine   has been making significant waves as he continues to transform talented creatives into professional indie-preneurs. As someone enthusiastic about facilitating success for others, he enjoys watching others grow into the best versions of themselves. This 25-year industry veteran has collaborated with known artists and professionals like Kim Burrell, Kanye West, R. Kelly, Jacob Lattimore, Da Internz, Vincent Berry (Beyonce), and Ann Nesby, to name a few.

When asked about the inspiration behind his projects, Kevin Shine   said that he understands how difficult it is to navigate the ins and outs of an industry that is competitive and challenging. “I enjoy being the person I was looking for when I was striving to be successful in this industry,” he said. “I want to become the person I needed when I was looking for a way to connect with the right people—someone who could help creative professionals navigate an often difficult and exclusive industry,” he added.

In the coming years, Kevin Shine envisions Writing Sessions America at the forefront of the industry. With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, he hopes to expand his horizons by dabbling in film and television projects. “We educate our members while providing a festive family learning environment. Members of Writing Sessions America leave with the keys to their success. We believe you are great alone, but we can be greater together.”

Alongside Kevin is Nina Teapot Owens who has worked and consulted with artist such as India Arie and K. Michelle. Nina is an asset and the Honorary Chairperson for this year’s 2022 Writing Sessions America. The conference is an experience of unplugged music that is centered around inclusiveness, artistry, and a celebration of music. We want our attendees to feel like they are a part of the music scene. Writing Sessions invites singers, songwriters, producers, and engineers to come fellowship and learn what it takes to become an indie-prenuer and showcase their brands. It’s not just about chasing a deal; it’s about fostering relationships and an understanding of what it really takes to be a part of the music industry. It’s a close-knit environment that allows guests and professionals to interact with each other both as colleagues and family. 


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