Karen Colligan and Dr. Alexandra McDermott: Two Leaders Who Are Building Leaders In A Fast-Moving Society

Karen Colligan and Dr. Alexandra McDermott: Two Leaders Who Are Building Leaders In A Fast-Moving Society
Photo Credit: Alexandra McDermott (left), Karen Colligan (right)

By: Whitefriar PR

Welcome to the age of digital transformation. Our world is constantly evolving with access to new information every day. Regardless of your industry or career, the rapid development of information and technology has made it easier than ever to be connected, more productive, and efficient. It also creates another challenge. It allows people in the coaching and leadership industries to claim expertise or authority in areas like personal development or business success but who lack the knowledge or experience to deliver results. While detrimental, this phenomenon only adds value to leaders who coach, mentor and empower from a place of true knowledge and experience. 

Leaders like Karen Colligan, founder of PeopleThink, and Dr. Alexandra McDermott, CEO of Pen Crown Publishing and McDermott Leadership represent this true leadership. Based on years of practical experience, a true desire to serve others, and a proven track record, these two female global leaders have established themselves as the real deal. 

A History of Impact

Although, the power duo have a different focus in their business – they are both committed to fostering change in the lives of the people they meet. Karen Colligan has been a guiding force in leadership development since launching PeopleThink in 2000. Her belief in the potential of people to achieve greatness is at the heart of her work. “I have never wavered in my belief that people can do more and be more if they choose,” Colligan states, emphasizing her unwavering belief in human potential. Her program, Keep it Real™ Leadership, is a testament to her approach.  The Keep it Real program equips and elevates emerging leaders with the skills to grow the business.

Similarly, Dr. Alexandra McDermott’s journey is marked by resilience and a commitment to service. She has named 2022 her most transformative year. In 2023, she penned the #1 Amazon Bestseller, “Reframing Despair: Going from Stuck to Unstoppable.” Reflecting on her experience, McDermott developed several frameworks to help people get unstuck. McDermott says, “These frameworks will help you find (define or redefine) your purpose, stay true to yourself, and lean into your authenticity.” Her work centers on empowering individuals to navigate life’s challenges with strength and purpose, inspire others on their journey through the power of storytelling, live out their life’s true purpose, and leave a lasting legacy in the world.

Three Principles To Powerful Leadership

Although the two entrepreneurs have been serving a similar mission for decades, they had never crossed paths – until they met on Karen Colligan’s “Let’s TAWK Leadership Podcast.” After an engaging conversation, they realized they had many similarities in life and business. Here are three ways they consistently deliver transformational results through their leadership platforms.

  • 1. Embrace Authenticity and Self-Reflection:
  • Karen Colligan emphasizes the value of self-authenticity in leadership. She believes in the importance of understanding oneself to be an effective leader. As she puts it, “I am on a quest to equip new leaders to leverage their uniqueness and unleash their leadership potential.”  Similarly, McDermott believes: “It is critical to show up in the world as you are, lean in, leverage your strengths and abilities, and do it unapologetically. The world needs your gifts.” 
  • 2. Focus on Empowerment and Development of Others:
  • Colligan’s work through PeopleThink is centered on empowering others. She says, “I have created leadership initiatives and team initiatives. And I have coached hundreds of people to create a vision, design goals toward that vision, and take action to achieve it.” This reflects her commitment to fostering growth and development in others, a key aspect of effective leadership. McDermott’s approach to empowerment is similar: “I speak with my leaders one-on-one. I see exactly where they are and how they want to change their life. We create their life-changing vision together.”
  • 3. Adaptability and Resilience in the Face of Challenges:
  • Dr. McDermott’s personal transformative experience and development of frameworks speak to the importance of resilience. She shares, “People need to understand that resilience can be taught. It can be learned. We need to bounce back more quickly. Challenges that occur in the future won’t have the same impact if they have the right coping skills.” This quote highlights her belief in learning from challenges and using personal experiences to develop resilience and adaptability in leadership.

To discover more about their impactful work, individuals and organizations are encouraged to explore the offerings of PeopleThink and Alex McDermott. The journey of Karen Colligan and Dr. Alexandra McDermott is not just about leading; it’s about creating a legacy of leaders who make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.


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