Josh Higbee Creating Content and Capturing Moments through His Lens for Automotive Enthusiasts and Lovers

The automotive industry is vast and has a lot of players actively carving niches for themselves and making the industry gain prominence in modern-day media. Beyond the automotive manufacturers and professional racers, automotive content creators and enthusiasts have also made a big deal out of what they love best—sharing content about their favorite automotive brands. Josh Higbee, a six-figure social media content creator who sells merchandise, services, and print to other automotive lovers, plays a massive role in giving prominence to the automotive industry. He also provides photography services to automotive lovers and has a reach spanning through the United States.

Josh Higbee works with private individuals, private car clubs, and car meets, and delivers his photography services to everyone passionate about cars. He makes his service distinct by working with his VIP clients every step and delivering his services in ways that align with their goals and what they want to achieve.

“I get to know them first, ask them about their expected outcome from the shoot, and we make the magic happen,” Josh said.

Beyond shooting the pictures, Josh Higbee also handles all the editing before final production, and his skills are fluid enough to accommodate any concept, location, or idea. He has created shoots at private airplane hangars, race tracks, car meets, and even private homes. Being a premium photographer and content creator, Josh Higbee targets VIP entrepreneurs and content creators who have at least a couple of cars, motorcycles, or side-by-sides in their collection. His target audience creates content for social media, specifically YouTube and Instagram, and he has brought those visions to life.

Josh Higbee’s services cut across everything needed to bring a shoot to life. While he takes pride in his shooting and editing style, his strongest suits are his connections and access to vehicles of different models, clothing brands, and professional models who can make any concept happen. This level of flexibility and resourcefulness has made him a top choice for premium content creators; and for each project, he goes the whole length to impress his clients. In addition, he’s constantly on the move trying to connect with other passionate car lovers so he can create content with them or deliver any of his prints or merchandise items.

Josh Higbee is on a mission to build a legacy, create memories for himself and his VIP clients, and share his passion for the automotive world with the world. Over the next few years, he sees himself having a clientele of 4 to 8 VIP clients every month. He also hopes to keep growing the Higbee brand and expanding the brand’s reach to cover the whole United States.

“Being on this path has been incredibly fulfilling for me. I always wanted to do something worth it for me, and getting the opportunity to build and grow my business this way is all I ever prayed for,” he said.


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