Jack Murphy Brings the Voices of Conservative American Patriots Forward Through I Love My Freedom

Since the declaration of America’s independence more than 200 years ago, freedom has fueled the country and its people toward reaching the American dream. In the United States, freedom is the foundation of hope and opportunity. With that in mind, it is heavily valued and celebrated, especially by Conservative American patriots who seek to express their commitment and love for their country in many different ways. At the forefront of this movement is the serial entrepreneur Jack Murphy through his Conservative apparel brand, I Love My Freedom.

I Love My Freedom is a fast-rising platform that aims to help Conservative and patriotic Americans bring their voices forward and be heard by the world. It is one of the leading apparel brands catering specifically to people who are openly dedicated to the United States. From T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and caps to mugs, flags, and other collectibles, the brand has it all. Each product features designs that range from thought-provoking and impactful statements to the different faces of America, such as its flag, the American eagle, and the like. 

Behind the successful rise of the brand is its dedicated founder and CEO Jack Murphy. At only 23 years old, he is already a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has made a significant mark in the e-commerce and digital marketing space. His brand began as an idea in his college dorm room which then exploded into a massive company in a few years. From $0 to now a staggering $25,000,000, I Love My Freedom has been the go-to apparel brand for every American patriot. The brand continues to successfully meet the needs of the people through its creative designs and content.

Jack Murphy is also the Co-Owner and Senior Vice President of Making Web LLC, a digital marketing company that landed the 298th spot in the 2020 Inc. 500 list. Undeniably, Jack has championed a leadership role for both Making Web, and I Love My Freedom, helping lead the companies toward a skyrocketing success. 

When asked to share the key attributes of becoming a great CEO and leader, Jack Murphy points out that a high level of creative innovation, adaptability, and empathy are essential. “The business world is always changing. So there’s no shortage of innovation that needs to take place to stay on top of the market,” he shares. He continues to say that “adaptability is crucial because, with massive scale, failure is inevitable. For us, there have been a plethora of software issues with our own growth, to endless unexpected issues on the operations front.” For Jack, the inability to adapt and innovate when problems arise may lead to a loss of respect and support from one’s team. 

Jack Murphy also highlights the importance of self-awareness as a crucial component of leadership. “Your actions are always being viewed by your team and leaders of other organizations. I also think it goes a long way when a leader is willing to get their hands dirty and do any job or responsibility in the company when it becomes necessary. It shows you truly care,” he adds. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of being empathic as a way to cultivate the team. 

Today, I Love My Freedom continues to be a trailblazer in the industry. Its exceptional dedication to its customers has put the brand under the spotlight for the best reasons. By gathering data and feedback, the brand ensures that each customer’s desire and goal inspire the product design, quality, and company service. However, the brand’s success today is only the beginning of a greater vision. Jack envisions grander goals for the companies in five years. He hopes to surpass the five million order mark and be well into the nine-figure range of gross revenue. “On a personal side, I hope to be a prominent influence in the digital marketing realm and to be an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs in America who want to follow their passions and conquer the American dream,” he says.

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