Irene Watch Company Delivers Timeless Pieces for Generations to Treasure

Time is the ultimate luxury— that’s what the brand and company known to many as Irene Watch Company advocates for. Accordingly, the watchmaking business has spent several decades championing timeless timepieces that people from all walks of life and eras would learn to love and appreciate.

Irene Watch Company is a name that has been synonymous with quality watches for many decades. Its origins go back to its founder, Wilma Irene Taylor, who built the company from the ground up with her tenacious work ethic and love for excellence. Born in 1940, Wilma Irene grew up loving anything that had to do with style and aesthetic excellence. Her name stands for “peace,” which would become her hallmark countenance. When Irene first came up with the concept for Irene Watch Company, she only had one mission in mind: to create stylish men’s and women’s watches that would stand even the test of time. 

Today, Irene’s watches carry her signature look and feel, in some way even bearing her spirit. The brand has become a name that some of today’s most prominent executives, professionals, and thought leaders love to wear. While Wilma Irene no longer bears the torch for the company, her legacy and mission live on beyond her through her grandson, ​​Logan Taylor. Logan is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker who shares Wilma Irene’s commitment and passion for quality. Nowadays, he uses his training and respect for his roots as strong drivers to take Irene Watch Company to the next level of business and craftsmanship success.

Logan has been adamant in carrying his grandmother’s legacy and cementing his family’s heritage in the luxury watch industry. After he purchased his first piece, his love for timepieces began when he was in middle school. Since then, he has worked hard to understand how watches symbolize class, artistry, uniqueness, and professionalism. “At Irene Watch Company, we understand that time and resources are precious,” shares Logan Taylor. “So when bringing our timepieces to life, we use our creativity to present something different to the table. We work to emphasize every intricate detail to design watches that are durable yet fashionable.”

Irene Watch Company stands on the belief that people shouldn’t judge a brand’s value simply on their essential functions. Despite smartphones and gadgets now bearing times on them, there is still a steady demand for luxury watches, with many customers willing to pay a premium to get their hands on a specific piece. That’s because watches move beyond their face value. Instead, they express a universal language that anyone from anywhere can understand. And that’s time, a resource that everyone everywhere treasures dearly. 

Irene Watch Company also has one of the most generous affiliate programs to help people generate comfortable revenue while representing a product they can be proud of. The company’s commissions on watch sales can go as high as 25% per transaction. Logan Taylor hopes to continue carrying the family’s legacy to more significant heights as he leads the business and artistic side of the company. He also hopes that he will pass on his grandmother’s love and passion for horology to a new generation of watch lovers. 

To learn more about Irene Watch Company and check out the company’s pieces, visit the official website.


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