Innovative Senior Care Consultants on Setting the Blueprint in the Industry

The road to becoming a profitable entrepreneur can be filled with many twists, turns, and detours. The difference maker can come down to whether or not you’re using a roadmap, or merely winging it. Two sisters turned business partners realized this through firsthand experience after creating multiple businesses in the Senior Care industry. 

Meet Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright, the founders and CEOs of Innovative Senior Consultants. With their consulting agency, the sisters successfully shortened the learning curve by creating a direct path to start, manage, and grow a successful Senior Care Business for anyone interested in entering the industry. Their proven blueprint has helped connect entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and real estate investors to make rippling changes for seniors and disabled adults throughout the state of Georgia. 

Become Duplicatable

“We want to encourage entrepreneurs who are stalling, due to lack of finances or knowledge, how to enter the senior care industry and be profitable while providing quality service.” the founders shared. The pair took into consideration the various challenges they overcame in the beginning of their journey when developing their consulting agency. They knew if they could grow a business in rural south Georgia, which they were able to sell for over 7-figures, then anyone could do it, regardless of race, gender, or location. 

Believe In Your Business

The innovative women had a knack for turning their circumstances into solutions, driven by their mission to improve live for the elders in the community. Blue and Wright handled all of their marketing by themselves in the beginning. Their grassroots campaign style approach to spread awareness about their business and mission to completely innovate the senior care industry. Through quality staffing, training, and the implementation of new technologies and systems, they made a name for themselves throughout Sumter County with the citizens, business owners, and politicians. 

Know Your Market

A key role in Innovative Senior Consultants’ success is their in-depth understanding of the needs of their ideal clients. Blue and Wright were healthcare professionals with 20 years of experience before starting their business. They served in every role imaginable, from Certified Nursing Assistant and Charge Nurse to Director of Nursing and Corporate-Senior Nurse Consultant. Each of these roles provided invaluable knowledge, experience, and expertise with care for the elderly as well as healthcare management. Combine that with 15 years of being CEOs, and you can see how they managed to hone their leadership, communication, and customer service skills in a way that aligns with their market. 

Market research lead to the realization that all baby boomers would be 65 by the year 2030. This means the demand for modern senior care facilities with competent and compassionate staff is at an all-time high. Innovative Senior Consultants is assisting with fulfilling this gap in the marketplace by developing and mentoring entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and real estate investors. The company offers a free live master class with an introductory into the Senior Care Business. Additional resources include their proven blueprints, renovated turnkey personal care homes, and even fully furnished boutique-style residential personal care homes that feature 24-hour care as well as chef prepared meals, laundry services, and housekeeping. 

Know Your Vision

Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright are innovators who are revitalizing communities, creating jobs, and empowering entrepreneurs. The CEOs continue to work profitably in their passion, expanding their reach. Within 20 years, the duo envision being a nationally recognized corporation, setting standards of innovative caregiving through comprehensive senior networks that touch every household across the country. 

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