How The Halal Bros Grill Franchise Takes Over New York City

The Halal Bros Grill is an NYC-based food truck chain with a revolutionary concept: you can customize your burger. You can choose from various types of meat, including chicken, beef, lamb, pork and veggies, in just one spot. To top it all off, they also do fries; their signature “purple swirl” gravy comes in two different variations, and in some cases, they will allow you to make your mac & cheese.

Once you decide on your burger, you can choose from a list of additional toppings like cheese, bacon, guacamole, tomato and many others. The cool thing about their concept is that it’s all about customization, so whether you want a turkey burger or a beef burger, take your pick and make your creation. All of this meat and potatoes goodness comes as a “build-your-own” style menu: every option is there for you to build what you want. As mentioned earlier, you can also alter their signature mac & cheese to add extra protein to your meal.

How The Halal Bros Grill Franchise Takes Over New York City

Now one may think that the experience of going to a restaurant, asking for a burger and getting it is not that exciting. However, imagine being able to customize how you want your burger. For example, say you were having dinner at New York City’s hottest new BBQ joint; there is no question that you would like some fantastic smoked meats with your dinner. Some places have specific combos, but what if you wanted their beef and pork combo with a side of beef ribs? Plus, you want both sides of coleslaw and french fries. You would have to go up to the counter three times to order all this food. The Halal Bros Grill offers a more convenient way for people who constantly get bored with the food options at most restaurants. They also provide more opportunities for people that do not eat meat.

While the Halal Bros. concept is ideal for a food truck or even a tiny fast-food chain, it can potentially work as a full-scale restaurant. As NYC continues to stay at the center of politics, fashion and culture, restaurants are opening up daily. If a new restaurant opens up in the area, you will not only have to worry about competition, but now you have to worry about whether they can attract people with their menu choices and prices.

Operation Cost

It may seem like a daunting task to launch a restaurant, but the Halal Bros Grill is catering not only to one specific type of customer but to all kinds. It means that the food will be reasonably priced, and there will not be many hidden costs that customers do not know about. The best part is that the business model is perfect for any restaurant size. The franchise owner, Alexandre Osvaldo, has stated that the new food truck could be anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 square feet, and he plans on bringing his other business model in which the restaurant will be in an even smaller space. The best part is that it allows you to market your business in whichever area fits you best.

operation cost : – $700-$9000

As far as taking over a business goes, it is a pretty affordable process, according to Inc.

Controversy: -In November of 2017, Halal Bros Grill had to change their slogan from “I’m a Name It Halal” to “Halal Burger” due to disputes between the restaurant owners and the Mayor’s office in New York City.

The Halal Brothers have been frequently featured on television with their food truck. Their commercial for their food truck has been featured on numerous shows, including The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Good Morning America and countless other shows.

Halal Bros Grill Mission Statement

“Halal Bros Grill is the most innovative and truly independent food truck, making a major impact and revolutionizing the fast food industry by allowing you to make your burger with unlimited options.”

-From Halal Bros Grill website.

“Halal Bros Grill is a fast-casual restaurant that uses our time-tested cooking concepts and proprietary technology to elevate your dining experience. The concept of our company is to provide you with a unique product while providing exceptional service and value. We use only the finest ingredients and the best service to provide a great product.”

Halal Bros Grill has received many grants and donations from different organizations. The Halal Brothers have received grants from the National Foundation for LGBT Youth and the “Queer Coalition of Hindu American Youth” to help fund their program.

They have also invite as guest speakers at various schools, including Teach For America, Columbia University and business schools. They also lead seminars for high-achieving students around the world.

Halal Brothers Grill’s second location began in Cincinnati on January 13, 2017. The site is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM and is located at the corner of Moore & Elm Streets, just north of Downtown Cincinnati.

The Halal Brothers have worked on various projects with companies and organizations ranging from non-profit to for-profit. They have been ask to lead seminars for high-achieving students and guest speakers in multiple countries and companies. Some organizations they have been ask to work with include Teach for America, Columbia University and Halal Bros Grill.

Halal Bros Grill has also been feature on various television shows, from news to sporting events.

“The Halal Bros franchise has changed the fast food industry and is a role model for all other franchises. They are the pioneer of fast-casual dining.

conclusion: –

The Halal Brothers wanted to start a business that was not only affordable but also different from other franchises. They provide customers with more options and significant amounts of food for a reasonable price. It makes it hard for the competing restaurants to match their prices and thus potentially build up their customer base. Many of the Halal Brothers Grill has been located in more diverse areas,. Which has given them more of an opportunity to serve an even more significant number of people. The Halal Brothers are not only working to help those in need, but they are also helping people embrace the cultures of other people.

Halal brothers grill is a revolutionary food truck feature in numerous news reports and magazines. They have even earned the Congressional Award, an award given to high-achieving entrepreneurs. They have a great business model, and their reputation speaks for itself. As their business continues to grow, the Halal Brothers are making history and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.


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