How technology and the New World of work are changing marketing and content approach for brands and companies

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Marketing is a field that is constantly evolving, with new technologies and consumer trends emerging on a regular basis. The demands on brands and businesses to execute on content and creative is exponentially increasing whilst budgets are being stressed by economic conditions and consolidation. This means brands have to be savvier in the way they execute for the content they require, which can be anything from social media, motion graphics, advertising and Point of Sale. The traditional models are now outdated and have less relevance for brands. The costs of hiring agencies and freelancers are now being challenged by new ‘ways of working.’

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we work, and Companies have had to adapt quickly to the new remote working environment. This shift has led to an increased focus on cost-cutting and automation, with companies turning to SAAS and AI to reduce labor costs and improve productivity. Additionally, the pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of operations and customer interactions. This opens a major opportunity for businesses, and some are already capitalizing and leveraging the ‘new ways of working.’

Doozoo, founded by Marketing Executive Randall Griffis, is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their marketing and creative efforts. With years of experience with major consumer brands around the world, Griffis had a vision to create new ways of providing creative resources that were accessible to all Company business units. He has worked to perfect a service that offers realistic and workable solutions to all the pain points he knew too well, understanding that traditional methods of resourcing are expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally demanding, which significantly impacts the growth of a Company in its most crucial stages.  

The company is at the forefront of innovation in technology, specifically in the areas of SAAS, remote working, and AI. With the rise of chatbots like ChatGPT and AI-generated artwork, Doozoo is utilizing these advancements to provide businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital landscape.

“This is not something new to me. Ten years ago, I had this vision of how marketing teams and brands can operate optimally by avoiding the ‘old school’ ways of thinking. We are going to see an acceleration from here with Ai and other tech emerging. I am having discussions every day with major brands around the world on how they transition through to capitalize,” says Randall.

At Doozoo, the company understands the challenges that businesses face in today’s world and strives to provide realistic solutions to the pain points of traditional resourcing. The company’s goal is to make creative resources accessible to all company business units while also reducing the costs, time, and emotional demands associated with traditional methods.

Doozoo’s team of experts works closely with each client to understand their unique needs and goals, and create a customized strategy to build a live extension of their team. Under Griffis’ visionary leadership, the team and their practical knowledge of the latest technology and trends deliver the best possible results for their clients. Additionally, the company’s remote working model is also beneficial for businesses, as it provides speed and a more flexible and cost-effective solution. With that said, Doozoo does not churn and burn; they work closely with each client and have dedicated designers aligned closely with Companies’ brands. With Doozoo’s hybrid approach, businesses can have the best of both worlds, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of technology and the flexibility of remote working.

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