How TANDA Digital Eliminates the Uncertainty from Building a 7-Figure Agency with the NPOT Methodology™

How TANDA Digital Eliminates the Uncertainty from Building a 7-Figure Agency with the NPOT Methodology™
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In an age where digital marketing is omnipresent and there are few barriers to entry, scaling a digital agency is a challenge. However, Tudor Dumitrescu, CEO & Founder of TANDA Digital, is changing the game with his innovative NPOT Methodology™.

The NPOT Methodology™ is a scientifically grounded framework that helps digital agencies scale to 7-figures and beyond. The methodology emphasizes creating a hypothesis for the agency’s business model, which is coined as the NPOT Model. This encompasses four essential components: Niche, Problems, Offer, and Transformation. Agencies test the NPOT Model through sales and marketing activities, collecting feedback which is utilized to refine and strengthen their business model. Once an agency perfects its NPOT Model, its offerings resonate with the target market where the reactions can lead to rapid scaling.

Under Tudor’s leadership, TANDA Digital has already aided in scaling over 10 agencies to 7-figures and many others to multiple 6-figures. The company specializes in providing the following: business development systems, training, and education for agency owners (especially those in fields such as web development, marketing, branding) and more.

But what led Tudor Dumitrescu to this innovative approach? With a background in building agencies and creating millions in revenue for customers through his first agency, which specialized in building sales funnels for new product launches for large players in the finance and health/wellness industries, Tudor’s journey was not without challenges. With his first agency, he initially found himself overwhelmed with the inconsistent and unpredictable nature of client acquisition. Not wanting to rely on the unpredictable nature of referrals, this led him to develop an automated lead generation system using AI technology based on LinkedIn that is coupled with a simple high ticket sales funnel. This new and innovative system worked wonders, allowing Tudor to consistently close big deals and grow his first agency to a team of 18 people.

However, Tudor’s introverted personality made managing large teams cumbersome. This is what led him away from building his first agency and towards starting TANDA Digital. Now, with a smaller team of six, TANDA Digital concentrates on making a significant impact on real people rather than just growing the bottom line of faceless companies. This company has provided Tudor with the platform to introduce his revolutionary NPOT Methodology™ to the industry.

How TANDA Digital Eliminates the Uncertainty from Building a 7-Figure Agency with the NPOT Methodology™
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This methodology’s unique perspective brings the benefits of science to scaling an agency. The NPOT Methodology™ moves away from traditional luck-based strategies to a more methodical process that can consistently deliver results. By focusing on the niche, understanding the problems, and providing transformative offers, agencies can scale with confidence.

TANDA Digital—and Tudor Dumitrescu by extension—also aim to bring integrity back to an industry plagued by scams. The company is on a mission to help 25,000 owners build the agencies of the future, scaling them to $50,000+ in monthly income while eliminating scams and unreliable providers. Tudor recognized the gaping void in the market where tactics were abundant but lacked the explanation needed for agency owners to get results.

Part of TANDA Digital’s strategy in assisting clients is through LinkedIn. The company utilizes an exclusive filtering mechanism based on a proprietary algorithm for accurate targeting. Moreover, TANDA Digital emphasizes relationship-selling, focusing on building associations as well as trust before discussing business.

For those looking to scale their digital agency through a scientific and reliable method, TANDA Digital is the go-to provider. Tudor Dumitrescu, with his proven track record, is set on making a monumental impact with NPOT Methodology™.

Learn more about TANDA Digital and Tudor Dumitrescu at TANDA Digital and follow him on Twitter. For new agency owners making less than $5k/month, consider joining TANDA Digital’s paid community here. For those making more than $5K/mo and looking to scale to $100K+/mo, consider working directly with TANDA Digital


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