How COO Jason Lamonica Steers Spec on the Job, the Blue-Collar Staffing Solution

How COO Jason Lamonica Steers Spec on the Job, the Blue-Collar Staffing Solution
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Jason Lamonica, COO of premiere blue-collar staffing company Spec on the Job, has over 20 years of experience in blue-collar staffing and leadership. Yet, interestingly enough, he got his start in the industry by accident.

I was working in marketing,” Lamonica says. “Eventually, I realized that wasn’t going to turn into a long-term career for me. I had always been interested in the skilled trades, though, so I thought they might be a good area to get into.”

It’s a good thing for employers and employees in blue-collar industries that he did. Spec on the Job specializes in finding positions for drivers, warehouse workers, manufacturing staff, construction workers, and even solar installers. Lamonica brings his deep experience to every phase of the recruitment and hiring process, leading his team to ever higher levels of success.

A background in innovative solutions

Over the years, Lamonica gained experience in various roles and firms, eventually transitioning to a leadership position at Spec on the Job almost five years ago. “That’s when I started setting company-wide staffing initiatives and working with staff at all levels,” he says.

Lamonica’s background in blue-collar staffing has provided him with unique insights into the industry’s challenges and opportunities. As COO of Spec on the Job, Lamonica has dedicated himself to finding innovative solutions to meet clients’ and candidates’ needs while fostering a positive and supportive work environment. 

Lamonica is committed to developing new strategies and implementing best practices to drive the company’s growth. He is particularly known for instituting operational excellence in three realms: building connections with clients, pairing people with positions, and creating best practices based on empirical evidence.

As a result of his efforts, Spec on the Job has prospered, and its partners have obtained superior outcomes. Achieving these outstanding results hasn’t been easy, however; it has required Lamonica to confront and successfully overcome many challenges.

Overcoming challenges in the blue-collar labor market

Every time the blue-collar labor market changes, employers and employees alike face new challenges. For instance, the emergence of the smartphone and other fast-evolving technologies has transformed how hiring managers look for talent, as well as how candidates apply for jobs. 

Lamonica has steered Spec on the Job through multiple transformations, each of which has served to build his outstanding reputation for evaluating problems accurately, brainstorming effective solutions, and collaborating with stakeholders. Under Lamonica’s leadership, Spec on the Job has been able to shift tactics and adapt to the times, ensuring clients get the workers they need, when they need them.

When asked how Spec on the Job has weathered difficult moments so successfully, Lamonica points to the company’s long-term, positive relationships with clients. The secrets to these have been consistent communication, transparency, and flexible thinking.

In addition, Spec on the Job conducts a detailed vetting process for candidates and only moves forward with the most qualified workers. The company offers flexible hiring options and full Department of Transportation compliance for trucking clients. If that wasn’t already enough, their team is available 24 hours a day. 

“Customers are our central focus,” Lamonica says. “We’re the perfect size — big enough to attract great talent, but small enough to give clients personalized attention.”

Successfully addressing a tight labor market

The tight labor market coming out of the pandemic has presented difficulties for many organizations, and the blue-collar industry has been no exception. According to a recent report by the US Chamber of Commerce, for instance, durable goods manufacturing is currently one of the industries with the most unfilled job openings. 

As a result, competition for top candidates has been fierce, but due to Lamonica’s efforts, employers in the blue-collar fields can rely on Spec on the Job to match them with the right talent. “Creativity is the key to our recruiting tactics,” he explains. “For instance, we target specific groups with social media and offer referral bonuses to existing employees. One of the most important things we do is provide consistent communication with candidates to keep them engaged throughout the hiring process.”

In a recent guest article in American Reporter, Lamonica went into detail about how the current labor shortage can be solved. “While blue-collar jobs tend to be less flexible than white-collar jobs — a remote or hybrid work environment typically isn’t practical in these lines of work, for example — employees still expect to have some level of flexibility and autonomy within their careers,” he explains. “A generic, ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to the workforce will result in unhappy employees.” He recommends not only offering competitive wages and benefits, but also fostering company cultures that make workers feel valued.

With strategies like these, it’s easy to see why Spec on the Job succeeds in meeting clients’ staffing needs.

Facilitating growth

According to Lamonica, his favorite part of the job is seeing the company grow and adapt, processes which he describes as “incredibly fulfilling.” Under his leadership, Spec on the Job has expanded its services in notable ways. 

“Spec on the Job now offers educational programs — not just training in skills, but also certifications,” he explains. Investing in talent development and technology advancements also helps the company stay on the cutting edge.

Since Lamonica has firsthand experience in blue-collar staffing, he relates to clients on a personal level and loves helping candidates secure meaningful employment. What makes him most proud, however, is the hard-working, positive team at Spec on the Job. “Our talented and diverse staff demonstrates great teamwork,” he says. “They are dedicated to excellence and work tirelessly to deliver quality staffing solutions and services.”

Given all that Lamonica has done for Spec on the Job, it’s safe to say his team also feels proud of him.


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