How CarSHAiR Goes Beyond Typical Car Rental Services to Create Empowered Communities Wherever They Go

Although there are many car rental companies out there, only a handful of them offer premium vehicles, and none of them put the user first. In other words, none of them are carSHAiR. 

CarSHAiR is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that provides access to luxury and economy vehicles at competitive rates. Additionally, they provide a membership-based community where hosts (regular car owners) can make extra income by listing their cars for rent. 

“The ultimate focus of our organization is to empower individuals to utilize new revenue streams,” said founder and CEO Greg Martel. “In this way, and by ensuring low barriers to entry, we allow users from all walks of life to become their own bosses and achieve financial independence.”

How Did carSHAiR Come About?

Early 2020, Martel had achieved “All-Star Host” status on Turo, but the experience was soured by countless unpaid claims for 100% preventable accidents. This was something that wasn’t unique to Turo either. Car sharing companies as a whole didn’t require basic authentication from users, and provided very minimal customer service, outsourcing vital roles and failing to properly train personnel. This made it difficult for Martel to run his side business when even simple requests took more than three days to get a response. 

This experience inspired Greg Martel to create a company that prioritized users. He started by sourcing a local concierge team whose sole job was to cater to their customers’ needs. He then created a verification system built on state-of-the-art technology to prioritize safety over profits. To start a culture of giving back and paying it forward, he also decided to donate 15% of company proceeds to Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating sex trafficking. Lastly, Martel made sure to create a community around shared ideals like financial empowerment, social responsibility, and accountability so hosts and renters alike could feel like part of something bigger than themselves. 

What’s Next for carSHAiR?

Most recently, with gas prices going through the roof, the company has created an affordable option for people hanging out downtown: E-bikes. CarSHAiR found that the majority of E-bike rentals in the area were pricey and lacked craftsmanship. So they seized the opportunity to offer a higher quality bike at better rates. 

E-bikes give people a more convenient option for travel, whether it’s a trip to the boardwalk or the boulevard. With a built-in basket on the front and rack on the back, there is more than enough room for beach gear and personal belongings. Interested parties can head over to the website or call +1 (844) 974 – 2471 to book their next E-bike ride. Rates range from $4 to $20 an hour depending on the length of the trip. 

With the company growing at an incredible rate, Martel hopes to soon expand carSHAiR internationally, with Canada and Europe as his top targets. 

“We want to continue to expand our technology to make carSHAiR the best peer-to-peer car and E-bike sharing platform,” shared the CEO. “It is our hope that, through carSHAiR, we will help the environment by empowering people to rethink car ownership, and local communities by giving them an alternative means of income.”


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