Home Management with the Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper

Home Management with the Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper
Photo Courtesy: Willow Alexander

Redefining Household Maintenance

In the modern world, managing household chores and tasks efficiently is a challenge. In between office hours, commuting and hectic social lives, finding the time to organize your living space can be near impossible. Fear not, however, technology continues to evolve, and so does the ability to streamline the daily routines of every busy home. The Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper app presents a solution and is designed to simplify home management like never before whilst additionally prioritizing sustainability. 

Willow Alexander’s Sustainable Initiative

The creator of the Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper App is Willow Alexander, situated in the southeast of London and the UK’s first certified carbon-neutral home and garden service provider. They launched this ground-breaking tech platform and app which aims to seamlessly integrate sustainability into everyday home management. This venture has been spearheaded by CEO Samuel Collett and his business partner (and husband) Alexander Oakley, and it stems from their commitment to redefining household maintenance with an environmentally friendly core. 

Sustainability at Your Fingertips

The Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper app is not just a tool for managing tasks; it is an enabler of sustainability in an era of convenience. At its core, it is a home and garden management platform designed to recommend the best in sustainable and ethical home essentials, alongside eco-friendly property maintenance services. Powered by the Willow Alexander network initially, the platform aims to expand its reach by including approved trade professionals who meet stringent eco criteria.

A CEO’s Perspective

“Convenience is king, but sustainability should not be sacrificed,” CEO Samuel Collett emphasizes. The Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper app works with some of the UK’s best sustainable brands to offer customers the quickest and most convenient way to care for their homes and gardens—all while considering the environmental impact.

Sustainable Solutions at Your Fingertips

Through the app, users can access a plethora of sustainable solutions, from eco-friendly cleaning products to ethically sourced garden supplies. The platform’s dashboard serves as a centralized hub for managing all home and garden-related tasks, from scheduling regular gardening services to arranging odd jobs from a handyman—all with the confidence that sustainability is at the core of all services and products. 

A Movement Towards Sustainability: Collaborative Efforts

But the Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper app represents more than just a tool for individual consumers. It symbolizes a shift towards more sustainable practices across industries. By partnering with environmentally conscious brands and trade professionals, Willow Alexander is pushing the movement towards greener, more eco-friendly home management solutions whilst maintaining the concept of convenience. 

A CEO’s Vision for the Future 

“It’s about empowering people to make sustainable choices without changing everything about their daily lives,” says CEO Samuel. With this app, sustainability is not an afterthought; it is integrated into every aspect of home management.

Join the Movement: Embrace Sustainable Home and Garden Care Today

In a world where the environmental impact of our actions is becoming increasingly apparent, the Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper is working toward a greener future. It additionally proves to the average consumer that sustainability and convenience can indeed go hand in hand. So why wait? Join the movement today and embrace a more sustainable approach to home management with the Thoroughly Modern Housekeeper app.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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