High Value Music LLC Giving Artists Independence and Power in their Career

Building a music career is an intensive journey that demands a lot from not just the artist but everyone working around the clock to keep the artist’s career alive, and that includes the record labels and publishing companies. However, all the hard work does not mean all the parties involved do not deserve fair compensation or some freedom in whatever contract they have all signed. This led to the birth of High Value Music LLC in 2021 to combat the issue of artist exploitation and other related issues like artists not owning their masters, fighting for their publishing, and losing millions of dollars to a loophole or clause in their contract.

High Value Music LLC is a family-owned record label spearheaded by Demetris Griffin and her son and daughter, who are accomplished musicians looking for their big breaks. The company’s goal is to provide full range of talent development and management services while making transparency and enlightenment the hallmark of its talent representation.

Ms. Griffin and her children have worked with many artists and companies in the industry and had different experiences working with them, both good and bad. “We learned the hard way that the music business is very shady, and it’s difficult to know who to trust. That’s why we decided to start our own label. As a black woman-owned independent business striving to be different from other record labels, High Value Music LLC aims to bring versatility and diversity to the music scene by giving creative talents the freedom they need to fully express themselves while providing them with security for their careers.

High Value Music LLC promises its clients honesty, loyalty, and commitment devoid of exploitation and taking advantage of them. Demetris Griffin motivation for building the record label is to have a semblance of independence while giving artists a platform to enjoy fair representation, compensation, and freedom to deliver gold and platinum hits.

The goals for the next five years include becoming a successful record label signing successful artists and releasing billboard and top-charting songs while working with major artists. “We hope to offer artists a haven and be a premier record label that gives artists a guarantee that they will not be exploited or cheated.

High Value Music LLC is not only a record label committed to helping artists alone. The label aims to revolutionize the music industry by creating an enabling environment for all the stakeholders involved in the music business. “We want to be different and prove that there are record labels that care about artists and will go all the way out for them to make their dreams come to life.


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