From trash to treasure: Shravan Bansal is recycling precious metals for a sustainable future

Can trash be your most valuable treasure? If your answer is no, then you haven’t met Shravan Bansal, the brains behind AD Leading Limited. This enterprising young entrepreneur not only believes recycling scrap metals can boost the efficiency of many other industries but also thinks it is the most structured way of stabilizing the economy of the UK.

Recycling scrap metal may sound a little insignificant if done on a daily basis, but keeping in mind that the earth’s supplies are finite, it will be wise and economical to avoid digging for new metals. There is no need to do that as we already have ample materials for recycling multiple times without a change in their chemical properties.

Shravan Bansal is a 24-year-old businessperson who had envisioned setting new boundaries in this least-focused industry with the aim of stabilizing the UK’s economy while increasing the employment rate. Inspired by his father, Shravan wanted to build his own empire in an industry which simultaneously impacted the nation’s economy. He always believed in learning through his experiences and setbacks; in fact, he valued practical business knowledge over academics.

Metal recycling is an actively notable contributor to manufacturing and the environment of health in the UK. Since every local space and industry is directly or indirectly affiliated with metals, a huge workforce is employed while energy is routinely conserved through the scrap metal recycling industry. This way, it not only conserves energy but also prevents physical waste in the environment. Moreover, by reducing waste, the requirement of manufacturing processes to replace and forge new materials is eliminated.

Shedding some light on his journey, Shravan Bansal, CEO of AD Leading Limited, said, “I started working at 18. Just after my schooling, I got a job in a fund management company as a part-time intern, and after two years, I was made the junior fund manager. I was just 19 when I successfully made $125,000 in one year.” However, after his father’s sudden death due to COVID, Shravan decided to move to London. Initially, it was hard for him to cope with things after his father’s demise, but Shravan came out stronger than before. He established his own business in the UK with a £300m value in a pre-revenue stage and is currently a shareholder and first director of three businesses, two based in India and one in the UK. Through his hard work and dedication, Shravan proved that consistency is the only key to success.

AD Leading Limited is a UK-accredited Innovator Company with multiple verticals. The first one is Technology and Engineering, known for its ground-breaking advanced technology and pioneer of primary and secondary non-ferrous recycling. “We facilitate turnkey solutions, standalone equipment and strategic partnerships, creating a world-class platform for recycling and manufacturing materials. We have successfully delivered more than 100 state-of-the-art facilities, which are efficiently generating a revenue of $6bn per year,” Shravan added.

The second brand of AD Leading Limited involves Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling in OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries in order to make their economy flourish better. According to Shravan, even after a great development rate, these countries have high inflation, which is eating up their economic impact due to high metal imports. “If the production of metals can be done in-house for the targeted countries, they can increase their economic condition by a visible amount, decreasing their inflation rate. By bringing metal recycling to these nations, we can recycle non-ferrous metals like copper, zinc and aluminum,” he elaborated.

Non-ferrous metals are more inconvenient to recycle as compared to ferrous metals, but these contain the same value as other metals to acquire a world that is more eco-conscious. Metals that come under these divisions include lead, titanium, aluminum and copper. Such metals are considered less valuable when contaminated, so the UK uses a system that sets grades dependency of these metals based on their purity and quality.

Battery Recycling is the third vertical of AD Leading Limited. Shravan shared, “Our patented battery recycling technology has done wonders and continues to do so for three generations as of now. We are not doing it for entrepreneurship but also for the environment.”

Moving on to Mining And Exploration, the fourth division of AD Leading Limited, the company’s experts with extensive knowledge about minerals, explore 25 Sq. Km of land and discover lead reserves along with zinc and silver impurities which, upon efficient realization, generate approximately up to $5bn at a facilitation cost of 30% of realization value. And the last one is Distribution and Warehousing. “We partner up with leaders around the world and provide them with high-end warehousing facilities,” he revealed.

Shravan Bansal is not only successfully running his business but also prioritizing the UK’s economy and health, and that sets him apart from other entrepreneurs out there.


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