From Humble Beginnings to Super Lawyer: Naresh M. Gehi’s CEO Journey

From Humble Beginnings to Super Lawyer: Naresh M. Gehi’s CEO Journey
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Here is the story of how a young immigrant’s profound desire to make a positive impact led him to become an internationally renowned lawyer, a personal advisor to presidents, an author, and a 2023 Super Lawyer. 

When N. M. Gehi immigrated to the United States in his early twenties, he was just a young, vibrant soul with an American dream. He didn’t know then that he would be a successful lawyer in twenty years, practicing in federal, state, and immigration courts and handling over 17,000 cases at his New York-based law firm, Gehi & Associates.

When Gehi was looking for a career, the legal profession seemed like a great fit. By studying and specializing in immigration law, he could help other immigrants like himself find their path in the United States. The complexities and challenges in the legal field were a constant source of growth and learning, but the rewards were incredible. Helping reunite families, fighting deportation matters, and witnessing the joy on clients’ faces when they obtained their green cards made every challenge worth it. 

As Gehi & Associates became established, Gehi’s passion for technology and innovation became a driving force. He began to explore ways in which technology could enhance his legal practice. As piles of paper grew, forms and files stacked up, and office supplies like paper clips ran out, Gehi knew there was a better way to organize and keep up with all the paperwork a law firm demands. 

Gehi’s dual expertise in law and as a tech influencer would prove instrumental for Gehi & Associates’ success. As processes became more streamlined, it became clear that this was a service that could be offered to other law firms to bring them into the modern era. 

This passion grew into a modern approach, becoming MyLegalSoftware. This legal practice management software helps streamline and automate daily tasks for lawyers and law firms so they can better serve their clients. 

MyLegalSoftware’s case management system and digital marketing helped to grow Gehi & Associates even further. They needed intuitive and powerful technology that would allow Gehi and his team to integrate their work into one platform. With MyLegalSoftware, the attorneys were able to easily keep track of all their cases, documents, deadlines and tasks in one centralized location. Saving time switching between different software applications or rooting through piles of paper significantly improved Gehi & Associates and reduced the risk of errors and missed deadlines. The software became so integral to the business’s day-to-day operations and long-term goals, pushing Gehi & Associates to new heights. This allowed them to focus on finding more clients to assist.

With the help of MyLegalSoftware, Gehi & Associates was charting the growth and expanding the team from 25 employees to over 200 during the global pandemic and economic downturn. Law never sleeps, and Gehi & Associates expanded to Texas and the nooks of Queens-Jamaica, helping more people navigate the complexities of ever-changing immigration matters and family, bankruptcy, labor, and personal injury law. 

From Presidents to Politicians

Gehi has always admired Steve Jobs as a role model. Through his reverence of the tech CEO, Gehi learned that there is no substitute for hard work. But hard work isn’t enough – one must always be humble, kind, and a team player. Those are critical attributes for personal and professional growth. 

When faced with a challenge, Gehi considers it an opportunity for growth. His principles help guide his life and the decision-making processes at Gehi & Associates. He emphasizes resilience, bravery, and a commitment to continuous improvement as fundamental tenets of his leadership style. 

This outlook has led him to work closely with U.S. Representatives, acting as a member of Hilary Clinton’s finance committee and testifying before the New York State Senate on reforming immigration law. 

Gehi also lends his insight as the personal advisor to the President of Suriname, Chan Santokhi. As the leader of the president’s legal committee, Gehi is tasked with rewriting Suriname’s immigration laws and consulting on international and trade law. In recognition of his service and contributions to Suriname and its economy, President Santokhi has appointed Gehi with the honorary title of “Honorable.” 

One of his favorite quotes of all time is by the Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall shake the world.” Gehi knows that as a leader, you must have a clear vision, the drive to maximize opportunities, and the ability to think inside the box when everyone is thinking outside. 

These leadership abilities and his ability to motivate and inspire his team have landed Gehi a spot on the Thomson Reuters Corporations Super Lawyers for 2023 list. This prestigious accolade is awarded annually to the top 5% of attorneys based on their professional achievements. 

Helping to create a better world 

From a young, dreaming immigrant to a globally successful lawyer, Gehi’s story inspires people everywhere to follow their dreams. His hard work has successfully built both Gehi & Associates into one of the leading law firms in New York and MyLegalSoftware into an innovative tech solution that improves the lives of lawyers and firms everywhere. His passion for making immigration law more accessible has led him to author the book “Immigration for Everyone,” now in its third edition. 

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