Frank Romero Takes the Lead in Offering Affordable and Easy-to-Process Home Loans

Making preparations to buy a home ought to be an exciting and meaningful time for potential homeowners, not dreadful and stressful once the whole picture involved is revealed. While there are important considerations to take into account when planning to buy a property, these should not be a hindrance for average income earners to set aside their dream of owning their own home. Thankfully, Frank Romero, branch manager of West Capital Lending, is committed to helping clients find their dream homes without hurting their budget and peace of mind. 

As someone who has been in the finance industry long enough to understand the difficulties that many aspiring homeowners experience prior to getting their desired property, Frank prioritizes building a working relationship with all of his clients to reassure them of his commitment to helping them. The 16 years he spent in the business have taught him the value of earning the trust of his clients so that they can achieve a common goal together. 

Frank is best known for his professionalism and wise insights where it concerns real estate purchases and investments. Throughout the course of his career, he has helped multiple families get their dream homes. Among his special abilities is being able to find the right kind of financial solutions for his clients working on a tight budget. Part of what he does in the finance industry is to create custom home loan experiences that will guarantee that his clients get to have their dream home. Two of his expertise are home purchases and home refinancing. 

“We provide exceptional customer service and make you feel that you understand the process and your home loan,” Frank explained. As the figurehead at West Capital Lending, he empowers his team to provide the best mortgage service to all their clients. West Capital Lending readily offers financing programs that will suit everyone’s needs and paying capacity. Each client gets an opportunity to get the best possible rate taking into consideration his present financial capacity.

“Getting a home should never be a complicated process. I think buyers easily get frustrated, and it’s on us to ease that frustration by giving them straightforward, seamless and less stressful solutions to make their home purchase easy,” Frank said.

Frank’s seamless and impressive track record gives clients the confidence that he can get things done. Over the past many years, he sharpened his business acumen by mastering the ins and outs of sales, US VA loans, refinancing procedures, management, and contact centers. If there is one element in the equation that comes first in his portfolio, it has always been the clients and their needs. It is for this reason that Frank’s clients have been generously praising his work and what he has done for them in the past. 

The next few years will be exciting as Frank and his team focus on expanding their services to different key cities around the country to reach out to more families and help them achieve their real estate goals. By bringing their brand of excellent service to a bigger audience, more and more families can have the hope of owning their own homes in the near future. 


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