Female-Led CSNY Productions Breaking through Barriers in a Male-Dominated Industry

It’s not a secret that the world of media and production has been dominated primarily by men for several decades. Despite the lack of female role models in production, photography, film, and other practices, young women like Christine Samaroo of CSNY Productions hope to challenge the status quo and encourage more women to rise through the ranks of production. 

The twenty-four-year-old New York-based professional photographer, cinematographer, and podcast host has dived into many aspects of media and production, but Christine has flourished nonetheless. The media professional founded CSNY Productions back in 2018. Production has changed significantly since then, mainly since the COVID-19 pandemic eradicated event schedules for the better part of last year. Despite all the challenges, Christine Samaroo, who has never been one to shy away from a challenge, quickly adapted to the times. Today, her business continues to grow and thrive, with many projects still in the pipeline. 

One of the greatest motivations for Christine in starting and growing her agency is her mission to challenge the current atmosphere of creative production. “The world of production today is very male-driven, and that’s okay, but I’ve set out on my goal to pave a change,” shared the CSNY Productions owners and CEO. “As a young woman living in a big world, I want to show young girls that dreams aren’t limitless, and with hard work, focus and consistency, dreams can become a reality.”

CSNY started out as an idea but quickly became a reality as Christine worked hard to establish the business. The two things that she wanted to be growing up were an entrepreneur and a photographer. “So I went forth and made those dreams a reality!” exclaimed Christine. “It was definitely not easy, but with the help and guidance from mentors and family, we made it happen. 

Christine picked up a double associate’s degree in Video Arts and Technology, majoring in TV Studio Production and Production Business from The Borough of Manhattan Community College. She would also go on to finish a master’s degree in Cinematography and a bachelor’s degree in General Photography. Apart from her iconic photography work for some of New York’s up-and-coming musical artists and influencers, Christine is also an avid writer. She started Darkthorn Magazine and contributed to other publications such as Loud Hailer Magazine, Revolver Magazine, and Metal Mania.

Christine has also co-hosted a few podcasts, including The Caught Off Guard Podcast and the upcoming Eddie Leeway Podcast, which she will be doing side by side with the legendary hardcore musician Eddie Leeway of Leeway NYC. 

CSNY Productions continues to thrive, especially in the modeling and music space. Christine has worked with artists and models, both professional and amateur. Before the pandemic, CSNY was a staple for music festivals and concerts. Amid these trying times, Christine has pivoted to personal studio sessions, which have built up momentum in the past few months. The production house has already set up its first physical location in Hoboken, New Jersey, and plans to expand its network and sites more in the coming years.Christine Samaroo continues to push the limits of CSNY and lead the way for more women in the production industry to rise to new heights. Learn more about CSNY Productions by visiting its website and Instagram profile.


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