Evan Rutchik and RIII Ventures: Innovating Early-Stage Tech Investments for a Better Tomorrow

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In the realm of technological innovation, where the noise of countless start-ups often drowns the truly groundbreaking voices, one investment firm stands tall, distinct, and forward-thinking. RIII Ventures, led by Managing Partner Evan Rutchik, isn’t just another name in the tech investing game. They are a visionary force, striving to disrupt legacy technology sectors and enhancing human experiences on both local and global scales.

A Vision Transcending the Norm

The vision of RIII Ventures transcends the business-as-usual approach to technology investment. Innovation is their core principle. In a world constantly reshaped by technological advancement, RIII Ventures understands the transformative power of modern methods. They see the potential in technologies that move society forward and align themselves with those who share this aspiration.

Evan Rutchik, the Managing Partner, has transformed this vision into a mission, genuinely passionate about RIII Ventures’ focus. Seasoned in his investment strategies, Rutchik’s commitment to building not just an investment but a partnership with the startups he invests in distinguishes him from others in his field.

Service with Purpose: Guiding Startups to Success

RIII Ventures offers more than financial support to early-stage tech businesses. They help them lay a strong foundation, create overall branding, set the right hiring plan, and achieve business benchmarks to prove success. This individualized approach to each start-up forms a recipe for success, uniquely crafted to their needs.

A Reflection of Innovation and Impact

RIII Ventures’ multifaceted investment portfolio is a mirror to their dedication to exceptionalism. It’s not just about investment; it’s about believing in the potential of an idea, nurturing it, and helping it grow.

  • Zed.run: Revolutionizing digital racehorse ownership, Zed.run paves the way to build legacies.
  • LVL.co: Modern banking for a modern world, integrating dollars and Bitcoin into one streamlined account.
  • Venus Aerospace: Focused on Earth, not just the stars, aiming to advance travel technologies right here at home.
  • Azte.co: Simplifying Bitcoin access, enabling global e-commerce participation.
  • Hermes Robotics: Enhancing road safety and reducing urban congestion through autonomous truck technology.
  • Tracer Tech: Providing comprehensive data strategy solutions with technology and consulting.
  • Kensho Health: Increasing accessibility to holistic health providers, driving towards a trusted holistic health home.
  • Vyng: Breaking traditional dialer norms, transforming caller ID experience with full-screen videos.
  • LocalFactor: Multi-platform advertising technology dedicated to effective and simple reach across all channels.

Evan Rutchik: Leader and Innovator

Evan Rutchik, a name synonymous with thought leadership and innovation, leads RIII Ventures. With dual BS degrees in Management and Advertising from Syracuse University, an MBA in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship from NYU, Rutchik’s commitment to securing investments in startups with potential transcends mere financial gains. Rutchik seeks to make a difference in lives. A testament to this approach is RIII Ventures’ successful exit from a strategic investment- DigitalReef’s acquisition of Vyng- reflecting Rutchik’s drive to deliver and invest with innovative technology.

From his role as the Founder and CEO of LocalFactor Group to his recognition with the 40 Under 40 Award from DMN, Rutchik’s career trajectory has been marked by resilience, innovation, and leadership. Rutchik’s strategic insights and commitment have played a significant role in positioning LocalFactor as a leader in the advertising technology landscape, reshaping how businesses perceive and employ modern advertising solutions. Under Rutchik’s banner, LocalFactor has pioneered a series of groundbreaking strategies that have seamlessly integrated data, technology, and content. This innovative approach has enabled brands to engage with their audiences more effectively, breaking through the noise in today’s saturated digital market. 

Evan Rutchik’s influence on the technology landscape is far-reaching and profound. Whether through his own achievements in advertising and marketing or through his guiding hand at RIII Ventures, his mark on the industry is indelible. His ethos is built on the vision that advertisers and publishers can leverage a scalable cookie-less data set generated from cross channel local content merged with data derived directly from users to deliver brand safe, privacy compliant campaigns to reach their consumers in exclusively premium inventory. 

This commitment to leveraging technology to simplify complex data and create meaningful experiences for people is mirrored in RIII Ventures’ portfolio, where the ripple effect of his impact can be seen in the successes of companies like Tracer and Zed Run. Tracer, the pioneering data intelligence platform, recently concluded a remarkable $18.1 million funding round, poised to revolutionize analytics. Zed Run, the brainchild of Virtually Human Studio (VHS), secured an impressive $20 million in Series A funding to propel its blockchain-based virtual horse-racing game to new heights. From redefining how data is harnessed to creating immersive digital experiences, the spectrum of investments under Rutchik’s leadership underscores a vision where technology not only exists but thrives as a transformative force for humanity.

Evan Rutchik’s legacy is more than just a tale of entrepreneurial success; it is a blueprint for how business, technology, and leadership can coalesce to create a positive impact in our ever-evolving world. With a resolute mission to improve consumer experiences, both RIII Ventures and Evan Rutchik continue to inspire and lead the way towards a future defined by innovation, empathy, and transformative change.

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