Entrepreneur Adam Graham’s Just Fix-d the property maintenance sector.

With nearly 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Adam Graham is disrupting the residential property emergency maintenance sector with the revolutionary justfix.app

Having experienced the frustration of retaining the services of reliable, cost-effective tradespeople at short notice, Adam applied all his start-up and business-scaling acumen to found Just Fix and develop its bespoke online marketplace platform. 

Just Fix’s functionality

The intuitive-to-use search-book-track and pay functional platform minimises the delay and stress in delivering time-critical maintenance solutions to residential property owners. 

By tapping the in-platform’s map and describing the required remedy, the customer is put in touch with a range of reviewed and approved local tradespeople. The client can confirm their selection, with the option to amend and update bookings, all possible within 30 seconds. There is an option to create an account to manage future instructions. With a 12-month warranty for each job, Just Fix offers greater peace of mind. 

At the heart of Just Fix is an ethical business concept, delivering a carbon-neutral and ecologically sound service based on inclusive, equitable and community-centric principles.  

The Adam behind Just Fix’s Eden

In an age before anyone had heard the name Spotify, the internet was in its infancy, Adam developed the world’s first full service, music on-demand internet radio in 1998. In a recent interview Graham explained: 

“When internet radio was still a very new proposition, we pioneered the principle of users choosing what they wanted to listen to, when they wanted to listen to it, whilst giving them a diverse choice of genres”

Under Adam’s leadership, iChoose Radio was the first entity to stream live from Glastonbury in 2002. 

Adam’s next major innovation was in the digital marketing publications sector co-founding the multiple-award-winning Saint London, representing Virgin Atlantic, Lloyds Bank and Kopparberg Cider amongst others.

At this point, Adam was only getting started. Adam represented Mercedes and Bacardi as CEO of Weapon7 and led on the UX design and development of the leading meditation app – Headspace. Adam added: 

“I have long been a big advocate of mindfulness and had a ‘stillness room’ in the agency which was a place for people to escape the noise of technology and spent a little while in peace to clear the mind and allow inspiration to flow in”.

As CEO of publicly listed international integrated marketing service provider, RYVL, Adam delivered on high-value M&As, and managed fundraising and business process optimisation and new business generation. 

Adam’s career occupied the space where technology and marketing intersected. But further to a chance interaction with the emergency property maintenance market, he identified a gap in the market for a fast and trusted solution to emergency home maintenance needs. Just Fix was created. 

From concept to market cornered!

Proof of concept and market engagement followed quickly on the back of Adam’s eureka moment. The market was calling out for a community based, local professional tradesperson marketplace. A minimum viable product was developed as Adam led a team to launch via a levelling-up and democratised fund raise (EIS and SEIS accredited). Beta testing gave the app the go-ahead and Adam is very confident for the future. 

The product will enter the market in Q2 this year, with an ambitious but achievable scaling-up scheduled for later in 2022 and beyond. 

Under Adam’s leadership and driven by his vision and insight the team have brought an exciting and disrupting solution to the market. The platform takes the stress out of property emergency stresses via the intuitive UX and platform. 

There is no doubt that the future is very exciting for Adam and the Just Fix team.

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