Entertainment Executive Michael Dockery Inspires Change for Memphis Residents

Being a public figure comes with a level of influence in which one can incite, inspire, and elicit a reaction from a crowd without as much as saying a word. As an essential community leader in Memphis, Tennessee, Mike Dockery uses his years of experience and accumulated network of influence in entertainment and sports to advocate for safer neighborhoods. 

Mike Dockery is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, first making a name for himself as an artist promoter. Having nearly three decades of experience operating at the highest level in entertainment, he rose to become the Vice President Director for the Southeast Region of Bungalo Universal Records. He also holds titles as President of Telecast Media, President of New Wine Music, and President of TENN TV, a division of XOD Network. Dockery has been known by many in music and sports and is a genius when it comes to promotions. The Super Promoter has a  personal friendship with the Jackson family, and that cements his status as one of the most influential figures in the music business.

Operating out of Memphis, Michael finds the vibrant southern city as the perfect place for his business, mainly because the city is slowly growing into a cosmopolitan market with professional sports teams like the Memphis Grizzlies and the Memphis Redbirds. Seeing as the city thrives on the bedrock of entertainment and foreign and multi-ethnic investment, Dockery realized that there was no better time to put Memphis and the entire Tennessee on the map and create a safer environment to sustain the growth so far.

Dockery’s roots run deep here in his birthplace. As a popular figure with an endless network of friends and high-achieving individuals, including Grammy Award-Winning artists, he occasionally brings celebrities into the city to help set a meaningful direction for the younger generation.

The initiative is known as “Stomp the City,” which aims to bring awareness about Gun Violence, the epidemic that has plagued the city of Memphis, Tennessee, for decades. According to Dockery, getting out of the city and making a name for himself resulted from him accessing proper guidance. Hence, the next generation should not be denied such opportunities as well.

Michael Dockery believes the project to save Memphis couldn’t have come at a better time, and there’s no better candidate to spearhead the initiative than him with his reach and level of influence. Five years from now, Michael hopes that “Stomp the City” will have metamorphosed into an all-encompassing media platform.

For Michael Dockery, dreams are valid. The only times they are not when one dreams and does nothing, but for everybody who is striving despite the vices around them, “you will catch a break and win,” he shared.

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