English Forward LLC: Illuminating Pathways to English Proficiency for Immigrants

Anastasiia Shkorinenko
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Effective communication is crucial for success in a rapidly changing world, and proficiency in the English language can be a powerful tool. This is especially important for immigrants in the USA, as their ability to adapt to their new environment, make friends, and pursue successful careers depend on their English language skills. Anastasiia Shkorinenko founded English Forward LLC, a cutting-edge online language school that serves as a helpful guide on the path to success and integration.

Anastasiia Shkorinenko, the Owner

Anastasiia Shkorinenko, the owner of English Forward LLC, is not just an entrepreneur; she’s a linguistics enthusiast with a heart for teaching. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, including extensive teaching practice during her university years, she brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to the world of language education. Anastasiia’s educational journey culminated in an MBA degree, and she now combines her skills to create a language school like no other.

The Communicative Approach

At English Forward, it’s not just about language; it’s about effective language learning. With the myriad of language learning methods available, the school has carefully selected the most effective approach for its students: the communicative approach to learning a foreign language.

The communicative approach places practical communication at the forefront of the learning experience. Students dive into conversations in the foreign language from day one, conquering language barriers and expanding their vocabulary with every sentence they utter. This method emphasizes active communication as the key to language mastery, encapsulated in the motto, “Speak as much as possible!”

Key Principles of the Communicative Approach

  1. Immediate Communication: Students start speaking in the target language from the get-go, helping them overcome initial language hurdles and rapidly improving their fluency.
  2. Structured Lessons: Lessons following the communicative approach are divided into three phases: introducing a topic for discussion, learning new material, and practical application of what has been learned.
  3. Modern Resources: The school utilizes up-to-date textbooks from international publishers and monolingual dictionaries that provide explanations in English.
  4. Authentic Materials: Audio recordings, texts, and videos in the target language are used during lessons to create an immersive learning experience.
  5. Language Immersion: All teaching is conducted in the target language, immersing students in an environment that encourages rapid language acquisition.
  6. Contextual Learning: Grammar and vocabulary are taught within the context of real-world situations, making comprehension and retention more natural.

Advantages of the Communicative Approach

The benefits of the communicative approach are clear and compelling:

  1. Confident Communication: Students develop the ability to communicate confidently in the target language, banishing the fear of speaking and encouraging relaxed interaction.
  2. Natural Progression: This method is particularly effective for those with a basic language knowledge, ensuring a smooth and natural progression toward fluency.

Digital Presence

To further enrich the learning experience, English Forward uses various digital platforms, including social media and video-sharing websites. Anastasiia Shkorinenko’s personal social media accounts provide a window into the vibrant world of English Forward:

Brand Bio

About English Forward:

English Forward is more than just a language school; it’s a beacon of hope for immigrants in the USA, guiding them on their journey to success and integration. Specializing in teaching English as a second language, English Forward’s unique focus on nurturing speaking skills through the communicative approach sets it apart.

Their Mission:

The mission is crystal clear: to empower immigrants across the United States to seamlessly adapt to their new surroundings, build local friendships, and establish thriving careers. English language proficiency is recognized as a cornerstone of this mission, and English Forward is here to pave the way.

A Comprehensive Learning Experience:

No stone is left unturned in the commitment to students’ progress. All facets of the English language – speaking, listening, reading, and writing – are addressed to ensure rapid improvement and holistic language development. Each lesson is meticulously tailored to suit individual needs.

Learning Made Enjoyable:

Learning a language doesn’t have to be a chore. English Forward embraces interactive teaching methods, incorporating playful games, brain-teasing riddles, and entertaining cartoons into classes. The goal is to make the learning process not only effective but also enjoyable.

Flexible Learning Options:

English Forward understands that everyone has unique schedules and preferences. Different learning options are offered to suit various lifestyles, including group sessions, one-on-one instruction, or intense 30-minute sessions four times a week. Specific requests are accommodated with flexibility.

Personalized Attention:

Quality over quantity is the belief. Online classes never exceed six students at a time to ensure every student receives the necessary practice and attention. The more students in a group class, the longer the session, ensuring a productive learning experience.

Joining from Anywhere:

While based in the heart of New York, English Forward’s world-class education is accessible from anywhere in the USA. No matter the location, English Forward is here to guide students forward in their language journey.

English Forward LLC is not just teaching English; it’s illuminating pathways to brighter futures for immigrants in the USA. Anastasiia Shkorinenko’s vision and the communicative approach to language learning make English Forward a trusted partner on the journey to English proficiency and success. Join English Forward today and take the first step towards achieving dreams in the land of opportunity.


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