Elevating Transatlantic Education: The 63rd Annual Quadrille Ball

Elevating Transatlantic Education: The 63rd Annual Quadrille Ball
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In the city that never sleeps, an elegant evening has been marked in calendars as a beacon of hope, aspiration, and international cooperation. On Saturday, February 24th, 2024, the 63rd Annual Quadrille Ball returns to the illustrious 583 Park Avenue in New York City. 

This grand event will quickly become a fixture in the social calendar for the enthusiastic patrons of the Germanistic Society of America, a non-profit organization founded in 1908 to promote educational and cultural exchange between Germany and the United States. The marvelous ball, led by Dr. Barbara Elling, President of the Germanistic Society of America, has recurrently proven to be a potent catalyst in raising funds to support the dreams of outstanding students.

The Quadrille Ball, highlighted by a sophisticated dance of the Quadrille performance, is more than just an exquisite gala; it’s an opulent embodiment of a noble cause. The evening begins with a sophisticated cocktail reception, followed by a gourmet three-course dinner, and subsequently followed by an illuminated night of joyful dancing. The event aims to raise funds for carefully selected scholarship recipients, those exceptionally bright students enrolled at U.S. or German universities.

The vibrant history of the Quadrille Ball can be traced back to the 1960s. The scholarships, formed under the banner of the Quadrille Fellowship program, are an essential component in enriching the transatlantic exchange of knowledge. Brilliance acknowledged and potential nurtured, a significant number of awardees have gone on to create wondrous impacts in their chosen fields. These stipends enable the students to study and conduct research across the Atlantic, presenting unique perspectives and enriching their understanding of cultural differences, further fostering international relations.

Beneficiaries of these scholarships are chosen with utmost scrutiny in collaboration with highly esteemed organizations, including the Fulbright program, the Institute of International Education (IIE), and Columbia University. Tirelessly working for several decades, the Quadrille Fellowship program has offered substantial support to close to 700 scholars striving for excellence in their academic pursuits.

For this philanthropic cause to continue thriving, the diligent Quadrille Ball team is entirely composed of volunteers. By making sure the tax-deductible contributions from stalwart sponsors, advertisers, and generous donors directly benefit the intended scholarship fund, their efforts uphold the authenticity of the endeavor. The success of the Quadrille Stipend Fund thrives on the benevolent support of individual patrons, corporate sponsors, and private donors. 

The list of munificent supporters includes esteemed names such as The Mejean Family Foundation, Microsoft, Max Kade Foundation, Inc., The Bye Family, Dr. William Radin, The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Foundation, and Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Shiva, among others.

Dr. Barbara Elling’s leadership epitomizes the 63rd Annual Quadrille Ball as an exquisite gala and hopeful beacon. Interwoven with a proud legacy and noble cause, the event promises a remarkable evening of elegance and philanthropy, fostering educational advancement and elevating transatlantic relationships.

The upcoming Quadrille Ball is an invaluable opportunity to contribute to a brighter future by supporting students’ dreams and strengthening transatlantic relations. Today, the society stands tall, echoing its century-old commitment, with the 63rd Quadrille Ball set to add another significant chapter in this journey of fostering cultural and educational exchange between Germany and the United States.

Through tickets to the grand event or direct donations, engaging with the Quadrille Ball is a noble gesture of promoting educational excellence, timeless tradition, and international collaboration. Information about tickets and further details is available at the official Quadrille Ball website – quadrilleball.org.

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