Edgar Jaramillo and Tenet Mortgage, Living Testimonies to the Rewards of an Enduring Passion and Determination

No job ever comes easy, and each occupation presents a different kind of struggle. Mortgage brokers face a series of critical tasks and responsibilities relating to their clients’ finances. Edgar Jaramillo is an individual who has thrived as a well-reputed and seasoned residential mortgage broker, earning unparalleled reliability and trustworthiness that is second to none in the industry after more than two decades. His longevity resulted in the development of his company, Tenet Mortgage.

Edgar Jaramillo has been in the industry for more than 21 years, creating a distinguished career that speaks for itself. He developed Tenet Mortgage as a personalized residential brokerage firm in South California. The company has played an instrumental role in helping hundreds of homeowners, providing comprehensive home loan solutions.

As a mortgage broker, Edgar is aware of his clients’ different wants and needs when they step through his door. He devotes his time to learning more about them by giving them the time and space to share their desired expectations and assessing their situation, allowing them to address their concerns. While giving others the space to pour their heart out, Edgar also balances things with his stellar communication skills to build strong working relationships with clients and create a lasting connection with them.

Apart from his communication skills, Edgar specializes in providing customers with unique, personalized and tailor-fit solutions taken from experience to fulfill their requirements. His determination to bring results has also been an incredible asset in building his authority in the mortgage industry, helping him build an illustrious career.

With more than two decades of experience, Edgar Jaramillo was able to push further than most, remaining at the top of his game and keeping pace with the ever-changing industry. While others would have remained stoic, Edgar’s natural penchant for learning new things helped him adapt to the times. As a result, he is always looking out for the latest developments and advancements in the market, hoping to stay one step ahead of the competition.

“You will discover in me, a business professional who is result-driven,” said the seasoned mortgage broker regarding what he brings to the table. “That’s what you’d expect from an experienced residential mortgage broker that you choose to assist you with your mortgage solutions. Relationship building, constant guidance, clear and open communication from beginning to completion of your home loan process. That’s what I deliver.”

Armed with more than twenty years of experience, Edgar Jaramillo applies excellent practices and unique perspectives to his line of work. He was also able to rise to the top of the mortgage industry due to the unparalleled leadership of Tenet Mortgage. While the firm already offers complete and premium services, Tenet Mortgage sets itself apart from other firms with its commitment to providing excellent customer service to clients. 

Tenet Mortgage also provides clients with the accessibility to submit a completed secure loan application or pre-qualify for a home loan. Additionally, they can assess the different financing options available to them through the brand’s interactive calculators to show various mortgage scenarios.

Edgar Jaramillo is a living testimony that anyone can create a business and thrive as long as they remain passionate and determined. He is looking forward to the future as he hopes to scale his business further and help people fulfill their dream of becoming homeowners through mortgage solutions.


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