Dropout CEO Revolutionizes E-commerce Jewelry Sales

It is often daunting to consider the possibility of taking a risk. One that endures sleepless nights and requires a stern belief in your vision. One that questions your purpose and your identity. It is a path that is meant for very few but those that do embark on it and overcome, create a wave of change. Meet Enam Haque, the brains behind a brand that is now causing a steady stir in the e-commerce space and revolutionizing jewelry sales.

Enam has managed to achieve what many believe to be a product of luck or divine timing: a university dropout whose side hustle turned into a multimillion-dollar business. But why and how did the story start? In a conversation with Enam, we found answers to our questions. He came forth with the launch of Waves for two reasons: a burning passion to become a business owner and a daunting need to prove himself through creating a well-oiled stream of revenue. 

During the difficult process of acquiring new clients, Enam faced hundreds of rejections but persisted to play the numbers game. Burning motivation and outreach to high-class clientele eventually paid off through a celebrity giving him a chance to bring results.

Initially, Enam and his team worked for a small fee on a giveaway brand which brought them to Houston. After generating industry-leading results, it was only a matter of time before more opportunities came to life. One of the most memorable was the introduction to Johnny Dang, a celebrity jeweler who gave Enam the platform necessary to show his true skills and unique strategies. Working with a brand of this stature brought WAVES, Enam’s now storming Digital Solutions business, several good opportunities.

Eventually, a whopping amount of revenue was being generated at this flourishing digital solutions startup. With respect to this, Enam said, “We had two options; either take the profit home or invest to build our team and expand ourselves so that everyone could win and make more profit. We chose to settle on the second option and kept on broadening our scope of success.”

Soon, Waves began working with many small-medium sized jewelers to generate more and more success stories before extending further to different niches, video projects & creative content, and much more. Some notable clientele that Waves began to work with include King Von, YNW Melly, Hotboii, AR Paisley, and many more.

From enduring 600 cold calls to working on razor thin retainers, Enam and his team have thrived. Enam Haque has proved that no matter how frustrating situations get, consistency and dedication will help you prevail. Waves has undergone a roller coaster ride and has no plans on slowing down the journey upwards anytime soon.


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