Dow Janes Empowers Women+ Through Financial Education

Dow Janes Empowers Women+ Through Financial Education
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Dow Janes and its team give women+ more choices and louder voices via unsurpassed personal financial education. Providing empowerment through financial literacy, more than 500,000 women+ have benefited from the Company’s efforts to promote a new era of financially informed decision-making.

An ever-growing number of Dow Janes reviews perfectly demonstrates the efficacy of its programs. Its most popular program, Million Dollar Year, and the rest of its curriculum combine to grant women+ worldwide the ability to take control of their finances and access better choices in life.

Dow Janes knows that women+ face unique financial challenges daily. As a result, they’re out to address these challenges, granting women+ unlimited choices and louder voices via unsurpassed finance-focused education and training.

Dow Janes Programs

Dow Janes is the world’s largest financial education company focused on women+. Over 500,000 have attended its online classes. The personal financial education company has also worked directly with 16,000 women+ in programs like Million Dollar Year.

Million Dollar Year

Million Dollar Year is a group coaching program aimed at transforming participants’ finances. Million Dollar Year includes action-based, step-by-step training. Dow Janes markets its signature curriculum as a one-stop shop for mindful money management.

Million Dollar Year participants also get financial coaching plus access to live weekly community calls alongside like-minded women+ on the same journey.

Wealth-Building Accelerator

Dow Janes’ Wealth-Building Accelerator is a one-to-one and group coaching program designed to help women+ save and invest an extra $10,000 annually. The program serves to help women+ pay off debt and build lasting financial security. It also promotes simultaneous peace of mind and new levels of individual freedom.

Like Million Dollar Year, Wealth-Building Accelerator is a year-long course. The goal is to help enrollees save and invest cleverly, rapidly accelerating their paths to financial independence.

Intentional Investing

Intentional Investing is Dow Janes’ advanced investing course for women+ ready to become confident investors with their own portfolios that are aligned with their core values. Dow Janes launched Intentional Investing in August 2023.

Altogether, Dow Janes has supported more than 500,000f women+ with free classes and an abundance of valuable education-focused online content. Over 16,000 have enrolled in their direct coaching and training programs.

Empowerment Through Education

Whether via Million Dollar Year, Wealth-Building Accelerator, or Intentional Investing, achieving empowerment through financial education with Dow Janes is transformative.

The personal financial education company values collaboration over competition and is on a mission to establish money as a means of building a more inclusive world. Its dedicated team wants to place more wealth in the hands of more women+ while establishing capital as a tool they can use to create total freedom.

That’s while always speaking the language of whole-person finance – a language that fully acknowledges money’s emotional gravity. Operations at Dow Janes are entirely judgment-free, offering empathy, encouragement, and emotional support tailored toward ushering in a new era of empowered financial decision-making for women+ worldwide.

Whatever position you’re starting from, Dow Janes can help you understand how to build wealth while further developing a life you love. Learn more about how the dedicated women+-led financial education company can give you more choices, a louder voice, and unsurpassed personal freedom at


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