Dion Health is Elevating Healthcare

Dr. Amin Samadian is reinventing the whole landscape of craniofacial healthcare in the US with his holistic model that goes beyond the scope of dentistry. 

As the founder and CEO of Dion Health, Dr. Samadian is challenging the existing system by integrating dental, medical, and cosmetic care into one system of diagnosis and treatment planning. This approach on healthcare, as it should always have been like this, but shockingly in the US was never implemented before, paired with the latest technology available in the industry, is exclusively pioneered at Dion Health. With eight current established dental offices across California and more underway, the company is revolutionizing overall wellness by going beyond addressing dental needs. 

Stressing how the mouth can capture underlying problems before they come to light, Dion Health offers top-grade dentistry as primary care, helping address patients’ other medical conditions and treat them in-house.

“We realized that dental care is an excellent access point to screen our patients frequently. Therefore, we set the dental domain as our initiation point and branched off into overall health as well as head and neck-specific treatments which are our primary specialty,” Dr. Samadian shared. 

The esteemed founder developed his own approach to mainly focus on enhancing a person’s overall wellness through comprehensive routine check-ups designed to cover the patients’ long-term needs.”We strongly believe in the old adage that says, “prevention is better than cure.” Hence we ensure that our patients are well informed and advised of potential health problems. We also believe in treating the cause rather than the symptoms; as a result, we apply a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to health issues,” Dr. Amin Samadian stated. 

More than just a dental clinic, Dion Health offers its patients medical and cosmetic services. Its medical services include TMJ, and sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment curated specifically for each patient. Patients can also enjoy cosmetic services as well, such as Botox and fillers to provide a more aesthetic look to each patient’s facial structure.

Dion Health brings out their patients’ best smiles through a full roster of cosmetic services, including Smile Makeovers, Bite Reconstruction, Full-Mouth Rehabilitation, Same-Day and No-Prep Veneers, Dental Bonding, Zoom Teeth Whitening, and Laser Gum Contouring. By using high-end technology, their team offers patients improved smiles that accentuate their confidence. 

Dion Health continues to raise the standards for quality service as one of the leading healthcare experts in the field and encourages others to take their oral health more seriously. “Our vision is to create a healthier society by providing unrestricted access to premier healthcare services delivered by top-notch, passionate, ever-learning and experienced professionals using the highest level of technology,” founder Dr. Amin Samadian said. 

Today, Dion Health is among the leading and trusted clinics in California. As the enterprise continues to make waves state-wide and expand to other major cities, it also stays true to its mission of providing holistic care for all through high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare.

Dr. Amin Samadian | Samadian Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry (sfdentistry.com)


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