Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship – A Talk with Maryam Ehsan, Founder and CEO of Market Pro

By: SEOMavens

According to a report, there are over 5.3 billion internet users, which make up 65.7% of the global population, highlighting the immense potential in the online world. It doesn’t end here; 33% (2.64 billion) of the world’s population are online consumers who purchase something from the internet. With that user base, businesses are shifting their focus more to digital marketing than conventional marketing. 

However, you need an experienced professional who can run successful campaigns to gain beneficial results from this approach. That’s why businesses hire dedicated agencies for their digital marketing. Market Pro is one of them. It’s Pakistan’s one of the top-performing hybrid digital marketing agencies offering a complete marketing solution to its clients. 

Today, in this interview, we’ve got Maryam Ehsan, the founder and CEO of Market Pro. We’ll ask her insider questions regarding digital marketing and her opinions on different factors.

Hello Maryam, we welcome you to this interview. Please introduce yourself, your academics and how you stepped into the field of digital marketing.

Thank you, I am pleased to be a part of this interview. So, my background education is in MSC Banking and Finance. However, I have had a long-time interest in marketing and advertising, so instead of aligning my career with my education, I opted for my interest.

In 2019, a few months after completing my degree, I started my job as a Jr. Content Writer at Programmers Force. So yeah, that was my background and story of how I stepped into this field.

From a Jr. Content Writer to the CEO of a digital marketing agency, how? Please share your inspiring journey.

So, from day one of joining Programmers Force, I wanted to do something independently, like becoming a CEO and running my own company, but it wasn’t possible without experience and learning. I worked as a content writer within the digital marketing department to gain experience, and honestly, I learned a lot of things during that time. 

Considering my performance and learning aptitude, I got promoted to team lead of the content marketing department. After giving three years to Programmers Force, in 2021, I thought this was the time to do something independently. The same year, I decided to risk my career and started Market Pro.

When starting your own company, what was on your mind? Was it an easy or a difficult decision for you? 

Of course not an easy decision. Leaving a good and reputable job from which you’re earning a good living, starting a new firm, and putting all your life’s savings and career at risk is not an easy decision. However, I believed in myself and knew I would come back, whatever happened. Today, as you can see, Market Pro is the top choice for businesses of every scale, and we’ve become the top preference for employees in Pakistan’s digital marketing category.

In a startup, the very first employees determine the success or failure of that company. What was the situation of Market Pro in that case, and what do you want to say about the employees who joined your company in the initial stage?

Just before starting Market Pro, I showed the plan to my mates, who were my acquaintances before. I am thankful to them for not only comprehending my vision but also for willingly becoming part of my company despite several concessions, including benefits and a salary package that was less than what they were getting at that time. However, they understood the potential in my plan, and due to their support and efforts, Market Pro is a successful business today. 

What do you think about the future of digital marketing in the world?  Please answer in a non-biased way that you’re working in this industry.

Well, it’s the rule of business that the market trends are based on consumers’ interests and behaviour. If you see the stats, internet users constantly increase YoY comparison at a record-breaking rate. As long as people are using the internet, the vitality of digital marketing will stay alive. In fact, by seeing the trends, we can foresee a bright future of digital marketing with more potential and market cap.


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