Danny B Successfully Creates an Empowering Brand with Eat Beauty

Danielle Brown, also known as Danny B, founder of Eat Beauty Makeup, understands that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and skin colors, and her goal is to empower women to feel their best every day. Her beauty and skincare products started in her kitchen with lipsticks and lip glosses and have grown into a full line for women from their heads to their toes. 

“Eat Beauty is unique because we offer both handmade and manufactured products that compliment the services we provide,” Danny B explained. “My love for skincare led me to develop our Eat Beauty natural skincare line of body butters, body scrubs, and hair oils. 

Eat Beauty is designed for modern women;  mothers who work inside and outside their homes, wives, students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. Eat Beauty suits every woman who understands that looking good – especially for themselves – is feeling good. Eat Beauty is also perfect for women who understand the importance of self-care, knowing it is essential for them to show up in their best form for every life event. 

Despite facing tough competition, Danny B is confident about the core competency of her brand. She is a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician, giving her a competitive edge in this multi-billion dollar industry. Danny B has also worked on various entertainment platforms such as Black Girls Rock, B.E.T, MTV, stage plays, and as a head makeup artist and hairstylist for the production of the 2018 film War Path. Additionally, Danny B has rich experience working with high-profile clients doing hair and makeup for Stevie Wonder, Sheila E, and touring as a background dancer for Aretha Franklin.Her many years working alongside celebrities gave her a clear picture into the potential of her work, brand, and services for her clients. 

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Danny B has been motivated by her two wonderful sons, the eldest of whom lives triumphantly with  autism and the youngest who thrives despite an ADHD diagnosis. As a single parent, she knew she had to sacrifice and work hard to provide for her boys, including dropping out of college, living with family in tight quarters, and working nights so she could be with her sons during the day. Shehad to hustle to give her boys a good life, and she has emerged strong and focused.. 

Danny B plans to expand Eat Beauty into franchise opportunities in states across the U.S. and to serve as an inspirational guide for young entrepreneurs on their journey. 

“I see using my brand to travel across the world to encourage and talk to young girls and teens about their self-worth and self-esteem. I see myself sponsoring young girls’ proms and their business plans,” she said. “I see myself connecting the dots of dance to beauty. I see myself with a hair school dedicated to teaching the value of skills and customer service to promote stylists adding value to their future clientele.” 

By using her own life and learned experiences to help others avoid some of the same pitfalls, Danny B plans to grow into a positive influence in the lives of others using the power of choice, hope, faith, and love. Learn more about Eat Beauty by visiting its website and follow them on Instagram.


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