Daniel Walter Hill: A Fond Look Back on Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Helping Those in Need

Daniel Walter Hill: A Fond Look Back on Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Helping Those in Need
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The human spirit shines brightest in times of service to others. One such luminary is Daniel Walter Hill, a relentless humanitarian whose extraordinary journey of compassion tied him to two of the most influential women of the 20th century, Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. This historical collaboration of hearts is a testament to the power of empathy when put into action.

An Encounter with Mother Teresa

​In June 1992, Hill met Mother Teresa, a meeting that reverberates through Hill’s life to this day. Hill’s courage and ongoing friendship with Mother Teresa played a significant role in his generous dedication to assist Mother Teresa in her work in London and to establish the Missionaries of Charity in Eastern Europe, Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria when the Soviet Union disbanded.

 Hill worked with Mother Teresa to establish homeless homes, soup kitchens, and homes for sisters of the religious order – known as the Missionaries of Charity – in communist countries in Eastern Europe. They continued to work together to spread Christ’s love and support those in need across Europe, providing much-needed help and support to disadvantaged people in Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Unforgettable Moments with Princess Diana

As Mother Teresa and Princess Diana were good friends, Dan and his wife had the honor of meeting Diana and spending time with them. 

Every visit of Mother Teresa to London turned into a heartfelt reunion. This led to Dan and his wife being asked to be Mother Teresa’s representatives at Princess Diana’s funeral. 

The memory of Elton John performing a tribute. Their unique friendship was respected, and Diana was buried with Mother Teresa’s rosary in her hands.

Daniel Walter Hill: A Fond Look Back on Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Helping Those in Need
Photo Courtesy: Daniel Walter Hill

Hill’s Philanthropic Initiatives

Inspired by his encounters with Mother Teresa and Princess Diana, Hill continued to uphold their legacy through his philanthropic pursuits. As co-founder of Tansian University in Nigeria, he worked tirelessly to secure funding for this monumental project. Through his charity, Gratia International, substantial wealth from benefactors, including FedEx, UK companies, and private individuals, flowed into this initiative to provide equal opportunities for all.

Hill’s commitment was also notable in his role at Oxford University, which influenced the appointment of the first Roman Catholic Theologian after 450 years; the Vatican noticed this. The Vatican sent a letter to thank him for this. 

Throughout this, his obsession with service to others has garnered him countless honors, such as an honorary fellowship from Greyfriars Oxford University, the Danilo Order, and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta knight title.

We leave with Mother Teresa’s message, “Let’s do something beautiful for Jesus.”


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