Creating Meaningful Experiences for Restaurant Customers in 2023: An Insight from COO of David Burke Hospitality Management Carmine Di Giovanni

Carmine Di Giovanni
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In a world where dining out is no longer just about the food, hospitality companies are faced with the challenge of creating meaningful and memorable experiences for their customers. In 2023, the restaurant industry is witnessing an evolution, as companies go above and beyond to cater to customers’ desires and expectations. We spoke to Carmine Di Giovanni, COO of David Burke Hospitality Management, to gain insights into how hospitality companies operating restaurants can create a meaningful experience for customers in 2023.

Curate Personalized Dining Experiences

According to Di Giovanni, the key to creating an unforgettable experience for customers is personalization. In order to offer a tailored dining experience, restaurants must understand their customers’ preferences and make an effort to cater to their unique tastes. This can be achieved through data analytics, which can be used to analyze customers’ behavior and help restaurants identify trends and preferences.

Embrace Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

Di Giovanni emphasizes the importance of integrating technology into the dining experience. This includes using technology to streamline the ordering process, offering digital menus, and providing personalized recommendations. He also mentions that adopting virtual and augmented reality can help create immersive and interactive dining experiences that engage customers and keep them coming back for more.

Focus on Sustainability and Local Sourcing

With growing concern for the environment and an increasing demand for sustainable practices, Di Giovanni advises hospitality companies to prioritize sustainability in their operations. This includes sourcing ingredients from local farms and purveyors, reducing waste, and opting for eco-friendly packaging. Not only does this contribute to a healthier planet, but it also resonates with environmentally conscious customers who appreciate businesses that share their values.

Offer Unique and Creative Menu Items

In an age where customers are always seeking new and exciting culinary experiences, Di Giovanni believes that offering innovative and creative menu items is crucial for success. By incorporating seasonal ingredients, global flavors, and avant-garde cooking techniques, restaurants can attract adventurous foodies and keep their menus fresh and exciting.

Prioritize Health and Safety Measures

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have become increasingly concerned about health and safety in public spaces. Di Giovanni suggests that restaurants should continue to prioritize health and safety by implementing rigorous sanitation protocols, offering contactless payment options, and maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Invest in Staff Training and Development

Lastly, Di Giovanni highlights the importance of investing in staff training and development, as a well-trained team can enhance the overall customer experience. By providing ongoing training, hospitality companies can ensure that their employees are well-versed in customer service, food safety, and the latest industry trends.

In 2023, the hospitality industry is faced with the challenge of creating meaningful experiences that resonate with customers. By following the advice of industry expert Carmine Di Giovanni, hospitality companies operating restaurants can adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. By prioritizing personalization, embracing technology, focusing on sustainability, offering creative menu items, maintaining health and safety measures, and investing in staff training, restaurants can create unforgettable dining experiences that keep customers coming back for more.


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