Constructing Success Through Business with Brian Jaesung Kim

Brian Jaesung Kim is the Chief Operating Officer of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, a full service ecommerce automation company in Miami, Florida. Brian is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DFY Ventures, a technology investment company aimed to help people grow their capital. His upbringing engrained an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit from the get-go, and the rest is history. Today, Brian works to help others build their wealth and businesses, and inspire others to become something great.

Kim did not always experience success, and from a young age he experimented and ventured on his own in the business world. After many of his attempts failed, Brian knew he had to step it up and be different from everyone else. The COVID-19 pandemic took a major toll on nearly every industry, and caused Brian to get furloughed in Spring of 2020. Subsequently, he became sick of having little to no control of his life and decided to make a change.

Brian joined arms with Ecommerce Marketing Agency’s CEO, Steven Ridzyowski, in January of 2021 and has worked tirelessly to generate further success for the company. Adding value that’s never been seen before, Brian and his team at Ecommerce Marketing Agency are the leading experts in ecommerce automation, and work to help their clients gain traction and launch their ecommerce platforms. On top of joining the Ecommerce Marketing Agency team in January of 2021, Brian also launched his own technology investment company in the online automation space, DFY Ventures. Through DFY, Brian and his team are always looking for new ways to help their clients automate passive income through different online platforms. 

Although his success has grown immensely through the years, it did not always come easy for Brian, and he was oftentimes in positions where stepping out of his comfort zone was a crucial step. One of his greatest challenges when venturing on his own was leaving his comfort zone and virtually all of his belongings in Marina Del Rey to work in Miami. A decision that left him at a major crossroads turned out to be one of the most rewarding of his career, and he has not looked back since.

Moving forward, Brian is working to inspire others to not only create success for themselves, but to build and fuel successful online automated platforms. Brian’s main goal moving forward is to help as many people as he can and make a positive difference in the world.  The bar is never set high enough for Brian, and he is far from the end of his career in business. To learn more about Brian Jaesung Kim, click here.


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