Co-Founder of Insurance Claim HQ Galen M. Hair Talks About Writing a Chapter in the Best-Selling Book, Million Dollar Identity

Over the years, the world has witnessed how some people’s success has motivated and empowered other go-getters to pursue their dreams and embrace their potential. True enough, these remarkable individuals serve as reliable sources of insight and inspiration for those wishing to translate their visions into reality and reach incredible heights they have never been to. One of those that have been dedicating their expertise to helping others is Galen M. Hair, the esteemed co-founder of InsuranceClaimHQ. More than anything, the luminary wants to transform lives and mold aspirants into the leaders and visionaries they hope to be. 

Throughout his career, Galen M. Hair was able to help over 800 families rebuild their homes and businesses. He has also been rated a Super Lawyers Rising Star and voted one of the National Trial Lawyers Top 100. 

Heavily determined to create a meaningful and long-lasting impact on others, Galen M. Hair is proud to declare that his chapter in the anthology book Million Dollar Identity: Experts, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs Share How to Build, Monetize, and Scale Your Market Authority, Profit, and Influence for 7+ Figure Success has made it to the best-seller list of the Wall Street Journal. As a matter of fact, the book made its debut with a star-studded book signing in New York and some billboards announcing its release in Times Square.

The preface of Million Dollar Identity was written by Ryan Stewman, the founder and CEO of Hardcore Closer and Break Free Academy. Since its release, the book has been number one in Hot New Releases in 13 categories on Amazon, #1 Best Seller in 11 categories, and has garnered the best-seller banner in at least five categories. Proving to be an excellent piece, it landed on the top 100 of Kindle and became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon in some notable categories such as nonfiction, entrepreneurship, marketing, women & business, and many more. Galen M. Hair’s chapter is the 12th in the book, alongside other experts Dan Ashburn, Victoria Kennedy, Robert Nickell, Barry Gabster, Angela Little, and Jamie Wolf.  

As someone passionate about facilitating success for dreamers from all walks of life, Galen M. Hair addressed himself to the challenge of sharing his legal acumen and insurance know-how with the world. In an effort to create a positive difference, he emerged as one of the most sought-after and highly respected authorities in his field. He believes his career can serve as an impetus for others as they conquer their respective endeavors. 

Hair’s chapter, entitled “Turning Tragedy Into Possibility,” lays out the proponent’s journey from inside the insurance complex to his own “Jerry McGuire” moment when he decided enough was enough. At that moment, Hair decided to help others fight back against an industry that did not have the consumers’ best interests at heart.

“I have gotten to be an expert in this area because I live it every day. When I’m not in a hearing or working on a case, I’m reading. I’m following the latest trends in insurance and construction. I know that codes apply and why they apply when I’m talking about building codes. I know how they can be applied to a specific insurance policy. This isn’t something I’m able to do because I’m just naturally smart, but because I have a passion for it, and I’ve dedicated my life to making sure that policyholders are paid fairly by insurance companies. In reality, very few companies have done that,” Galen M. Hair expressed in his chapter of the book. 


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