Chuck Wilson Works with Shawn Fair to Help People Live Healthier Lives

People’s values have changed over time. And in this season- after a health crisis that shook the entire world- health is becoming a top priority. Admittedly, many busy professionals and corporate leaders don’t know where to start or where to find the time to include a fitness and wellness regimen. But leading health and fitness knows what it’s like and has spent the last twenty years guiding busy leaders through that journey. 

The speaker has recently announced that he will be joining top leadership training consultant Shawn Fair for a virtual speaking tour. The event, also known as Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, is a speaking platform for aspiring and professional speakers and a personal mission that Shawn has taken to heart in the past few months. Chuck Wilson is one of the forty speakers that Shawn Fair has been working with the past few months to upgrade his platform and bring his speaking career to the next level.

Come this April 20, 2021, Chuck Wilson will be joining a stellar lineup of motivational speakers at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Troy, Michigan, to inspire thousands of leaders all across the nation and even the world. He joins speakers such as Gene Baker, Marcus Wright, Joy Calloway, Dr. Bridget Leonard, and other up-and-coming speakers from the US, Canada, and the UK. 

For the past two decades, Chuck Wilson has worked tirelessly towards educating leaders about the necessary tools and practices to build transformational habits. It’s no secret that health is key to a leader’s longevity and efficiency. But it’s stunning how many leaders lose momentum at work and in life due to poor health decisions, which also affect the bottom line of the organizations they lead. Chuck hopes to show another way where leaders lead well because they value self-care and personal health. 

Chuck has delivered over two hundred compelling keynotes over the past few years. His presentations are simple and easy to digest, offering action points that anyone can take home. Moreover, Chuck Wilson believes in the importance of providing entertainment when speaking before a crowd. His goal is to make learning and wellness fun and easy to implement, depending mostly on a repetition of habits to create a roadmap for daily success. 

“I have always been driven by helping people become successful,” shares Chuck Wilson. “Whether through coaching, personal training or facilitating workshops, I enjoy watching people grow and feel better about themselves!” More than anyone, the health advocate and speaker is more than ready to show what he has to offer and help as many people begin their journey of transformation and change. Chuck is obsessed with helping people and dedicates his whole being towards making people realize how much power is already in their hands to impact their own lives positively.

Chuck is more than ready to deliver on what Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour will draw out in him. The tour has now allowed dozens of talented speakers to tell their stories to the world. This coming year, Shawn Fair hopes to level that up by training more speakers and enriching his current lineup as well.

To learn more about the leadership tour, check out Shawn Fair’s website.


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