CEO of A List Tax Solutions Keisha Smith Providing Small Business a Chance Elevate Through Tax Security and Bookkeeping Services

Many organizations, especially small businesses, struggle with compiling balance statements, producing revenue and preparing annual tax returns. As undesirable as the task is, it is an obligation that cannot be ignored and requires both expertise and time to ensure completeness and accuracy. To help businesses manage their tax matters efficiently, effectively and to keep their business running smoothly, tax and financial expert Keisha Smart established A List Tax Solutions, a tax and bookkeeping company that makes your life easier and keeps you on the financial A-list.

A List Tax Solutions is an IRS E-File Provider and tax preparation company providing clients with 100% tax protection and bookkeeping services. Through its team of dedicated experts, the company is dedicated to providing its clients in all 50 states with adequate support, representation and protection. “We can help handle deposits, manage payroll, manage the ever-changing world of sales taxes as well as quarterly taxes and withholding, create and maintain monthly financial reports. We will also reconcile bank statements to internal accounts and even help out during an internal or IRS audit,” the website says.

The company is spearheaded by Keisha Smith, a certified Life Coach and Honeybook Educator. Starting her career in the financial industry in 2008, Keisha noticed that most people struggle with taxes and understanding their financial goals. To lend a helping hand, she started preparing taxes for my family and friends and later worked for another company where a tax expert mentored her. With her knowledge and skills, she established her company, A List Tax Solutions, to help more clients. 

Aside from her innovative work in the tax and financial industry, Keisha is also the founder of Keisha Smith Enterprises. Over the past decade, she has helped aspiring entrepreneurs take the leap of faith to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship and understand their financial goals and pictures. In 2018, she authored the book Where Silent Secrets Lie, where she laid bare her personal experience of sexual abuse. She would later launch The Purposeful Experience Coaching Program to help other female survivors of sexual abuse across the united states find their voice and purpose.

In the years to come, Keisha envisions her company becoming a household name in the financial industry, making its impact as one of the leading tax preparation service companies. “A List Tax Solutions will be a household name for the tax industry,” Keisha prophesied.  “I see myself and my team as the leading tax experts training new and upcoming tax professionals how to establish profitable tax businesses.” Additionally, Keisha understands that constant education on new tax laws, tax credits are important in a forever changing industry like the financial industry. To this end, the company will offer tax software, webinars/classes, conferences and internship opportunities for college students within the next five years.

To learn more about A List Tax Solutions and Keisha Smith, visit the company’s official website.


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