Celebrating Elegance and Empowerment: The Journey of Janice, CEO of Alegre De Pilipinas International

Alegre De Pilipinas International
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In a world where age often takes the center stage, Janice, the CEO of Alegre De Pilipinas International, is challenging the norms and redefining what it means to be fabulous over 40. As we delve into her inspiring story, we find that she is not only a finalist in the Fab Over 40 competition but also a beacon of positivity, a philanthropist, and a source of unwavering support to the less fortunate in the Philippines.

The Fab Over 40 competition, hosted at votefab40.com, is a remarkable platform that celebrates the grace and charm of women over 40. Janice, currently ranked 15th among 135 finalists, has captured the hearts of many with her extraordinary journey and resilience. She’s asking for your support as the voting deadline looms, and she stands on the precipice of victory.

At first glance, Janice’s radiant personality shines through her answers to the competition’s questions. When asked about her favorite tip to stay fabulous, she firmly states, “Negativity can consume me if I don’t take control, so letting go of my negative thoughts is an absolute must.” Her unwavering commitment to positivity and self-love is both refreshing and inspiring. She emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s life story, focusing on personal strengths, and never allowing oneself to be a victim.

Janice, who is a mother of three, lives and breathes the ethos of self-confidence and resilience. Her personal journey through life has shaped her into a role model for positivity and strength. This ethos is not only a guide for her own life but also a source of inspiration for many.


Alegre De Pilipinas
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The Fab Over 40 competition is more than just a beauty contest. It’s a celebration of age, a testimony that life’s second act is often the most brilliant. The winner is set to receive a 2-page spread in NewBeauty magazine, a generous $40,000, and a spa-cation of a lifetime. For Janice, this goes beyond personal glory. It is an opportunity to extend her charitable work in the Philippines, especially with the holiday season approaching.

When asked what she would do with the $40,000 prize, Janice’s answer is a testament to her altruistic nature. She envisions creating another charitable organization to support students who cannot afford education and continuing her regular feeding program. Her aim is to be a beacon of hope for the hopeless, spreading love and faith. Her deep conviction in being an instrument of God’s love to those in need is truly admirable.

It is not just about winning a contest for Janice; it’s about channeling her success into a force for good. Her commitment to making a positive impact in her community and beyond is both commendable and inspiring.

The Fab Over 40 competition is more than just a quest for beauty. It is a reminder that life after 40 can be a vibrant and fulfilling journey. As the competition progresses, Janice’s story stands as a beacon of hope and positivity.

The Fab Over 40 competition is proudly partnered with NewBeauty, a magazine that has dedicated itself to being the definitive authority on all things beauty. From its inception, NewBeauty has sought to inspire, educate, and guide women to make informed and confident beauty choices. Fab Over 40’s partnership with NewBeauty underscores the notion that beauty transcends age and that the grace and elegance of women over 40 deserve recognition and celebration.

Alegre De Pilipinas International
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Janice’s journey, from being a contestant to the possibility of winning, is an embodiment of this partnership’s vision. She is a living testament to the idea that beauty is not just skin deep; it’s about resilience, positivity, and commitment to making the world a better place.

Janice, the CEO of Alegre De Pilipinas International, is not just a finalist in the Fab Over 40 competition. She is an embodiment of the spirit of resilience, positivity, and philanthropy. Her journey is an inspiration for women around the world, showing that age is just a number and that one can be fabulous over 40. As the voting deadline for the competition draws near, let us all rally behind Janice and support her quest to bring the prize home, not for personal glory but to extend a helping hand to the needy in the Philippines, making their Christmas season brighter and full of hope. Janice’s journey is a testament to the power of positivity, self-love, and a relentless commitment to making the world a better place, one charitable act at a time.

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